Error message ‘The selected task "{0}" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh’

A lot of customers complained the following:
When they open up the Task Scheduler, they get a message that says:
The selected task "{0}" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh.

 The mechamism task scheduler uses: it has a copy of tasks in registry and a copy of them in task files on disk. If somehow the tasked stored in registry and on disk are not in sync, users will encounter such issues as reported.

Tasks are stored in C:WindowsSystem32Tasks

In Registry, related branches are located in:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTasks

Tasks tree is stored in:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMicrosoft

So the general troubleshooting steps are starting from checking these locations to see if anything is broken or inconsistent.






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  1. Clayton Olley says:

    This problem has been plaguing me ever since Vista… the simple fact is that, while the new Task Scheduler in Vista has some really nice features etc, it's still horribly fragile and prone to failure even in Windows 7 SP1!!!!!!!

    I'm so frustrated by this problem because it completely ruins my Windows installations, especially my Media Center pc which won't download guide updates if Task Scheduler is in such a bad state.

    It's time for Microsoft to fix Task Scheduler!!! A problem with one or some tasks shouldn't prevent the whole thing from working at all!!!

    Sorry, but I'm just so angry at having to deal with this for so long. I even opened up a case with my MSDN account to fix the problem with my Media Center pc, but now the problem is back and something else is causing it this time.


  2. Marc Skarshinski says:

    Great new scheduler guys, keep up the excellent work.  Here go another 10 hours down the windows rat hole

  3. Rumpled Stilts Kin says:

    If It can be fixed by a series of steps then surly MS could generate a EXE or BAT file which would fix a complicated error. The semi-automatic fixing of errors is one thing which possibly would create a user friendly os.

  4. Abhishek says:

    1. Open Registry Editor

    2. Open the following Key

    a. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionTracingSCMRegular]

    3. Add/Change the following value

    a. Name = TracingDisabled

    b. Type = REG_DWORD

    c. Value Data = 0

    4. Reboot the Server

    5. Open Task Scheduler and verify that you can see the tasks

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks to  Abhishek for his suggestion – Seems to be a system logging system.

    I was unable to find which task in the Windows folder was causing the problem as they ALL gave an error.

    Followed Abhishek idea and was then able to find Defrag was the problem. I deleted the file from my HD and the problem was cleared. Then un-did the Abhishek fix.

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Jxts says:

    I too was having this problem and was searching around. I found someone who confirmed the defrag as the problem only their solution was to change the schedule from monthly to weekly.

    I figured what the heck and tried it …AND…. message gone and task scheduler so far seems to be running fine.

    site is: http//

    Still wondering how I got it in the 1st place as I never had it before
    – I inadvertently got into audit mode execution the day before and did a restore system settings (??)

    – windows update with odd side effect (??)

    – Also wonder what task {0} is in the 1st place

    Obviously it’s not a fix as much as a work around (Easy as well as odd)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good morning AskPerf! Over the past couple of years, our customers have opened Support Cases and created

  9. Bayotle says:

    Same issue here, scheduler worked but after awhile the message starts to grate on my nerves…
    Problem was corrected by simply resetting the schedule for the defrag then disabling it in the scheduler, apparently I deleted it…

  10. madhusudhan says:

    Thanks abhishek

  11. I had this issue today, came across this thread and looked at the solutions. I managed to solve my error with just a restart of the Task Scheduler service. It might be worth that a go before messing with the registry / rebooting server.

  12. EDDIE says:

    Folks, I can confirm the above suggestion of setting the defrag to a weekly schedule really does work. I too had lost the Task Scheduler with the above error message. Just go to the Start Menu, enter ‘Defrag’ and click on "Disk Defragmenter’ and set schedule
    to weekly. My Task Scheduler is working normally now. I recently set it to monthly and never realized this would break Task Scheduler. FYI … I’m on Windows 7 Pro. I wholeheartedly thank everyone for their valued input.

  13. Rick says:

    I had this issue too. I too had changed Disk Defragmenter from weekly to monthly and it was giving this error message. I just changed Disk Defragmenter back to weekly, clicked on Defrag and it’s currently running. I started Task Scheduler again and now
    it does not give me the error.

  14. Joe says:

    I’m getting this error after installing the first Windows 10 update

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