Error 0x81000019 when you do a backup on Windows 7



When you do a backup you get an error 0x81000019, the message is:

"A shadow copy could not be created. Please check the 'VSS' and 'SPP' application event logs for more information. Details: Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data. "





Backup process involves the system writer that reports files in the important applications installed on the machine. In the  case where a large number of language packs is installed, the metadata file reported by this writer becomes huge in size and hence does not  fit the 100 MB volume. This causes backup to fail since there is not enough space for the shadowcopy creation. Please note that this symptom  is not directly observable since this metadata file is created during backup and deleted at the end.




Uninstall unwanted/unused language packs by running Lpksetup command in a command window.




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  1. danma_ says:

    @muneer, you can post your question to the technet forum.…/categories

  2. muneer says:

    still the issue, and i dont have more lang package, any other options??

  3. Robert says:

    wonderful their only solution is completly wrong!

  4. Scott says:

    Wrong!!! come on get it fixed, cant back up is poor form.

  5. Scott (2) says:

    This is not a fix for this Error 0x81000019, I have no language packs installed, what next?? I am seeing that more and more are getting this error, so you, Microsoft have done something, undo it, and undo it fast……

  6. Oedipus Complex says:

    same here, i have no language packs installed. ­čÖü

  7. Inodder says:

    Same problem and no language packs as well

  8. Shadow says:

    Also have the problem and no language packs…now what!!!

  9. RaveNi4 says:

    me 2


  10. MAS says:

    same here =(

  11. yuri says:

    wtf? this error is quiet annoying! how to solve it? except deleting languages

  12. quatzar says:

    I got this problem after formatting the partition that win7 was using to back up to. there was a system restore directory and a few other things. But backup won't remake those directories and the backup fails. which is bad coding. you can't make a new directory? I'd make it myself but I don't remember the specifics.

    (I formatted because win8 user preview left a bootloader there. Also never upgrade to win8. Worst OS I ever saw)

  13. DavidMarlow says:

    I am getting same error; any progress with solution please?

  14. Jase says:

    Still no solutions?

  15. Dom22620 says:

    Same error, for 4 months now. Should change operating system!

  16. aalia lyon says:

    Our team member are fix all type error and complete solution of your problem. Go through this url.
    Thank you
    Aalia lyon

  17. Barron says:

    Also have the problem and no language packs, let’s know how to fix it in right-way.

  18. MS support is a kick in ass says:

    Still no solution! *** MS support!

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    window 7 onar─▒mi yapam─▒yor t├╝rk├že

  20. window 7 onar─▒mi yapam─▒yor says:


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