‘Turn off the display’ keeps resetting itself to 20 minutes in Windows 7

This is an interesting issue of Windows 7. Some customers reported that in the Power Options they have chosen ‘Never’ for ‘Turn off the display’. However it keeps resetting itself to 20 minutes. After further investigation, it was proved to be a compatibilty issue of HD Tunes Pro. That software is for hard drives testing and…


Error Code 0x80070424 with Windows Firewall and "Base Filtering Engine Service" Not available in services database list.

Recently, many customers reported the Windows Firewall issue. This seemed to be caused by a wide spread malicious application. Symptom: The error message “Windows Firewall can’t change some of your settings. Error code 0x80070424” will pop up when you try to change the Windows Firewall settings. In the meantime, when you restart the system, it…


[Step by Step] How to adjust the resolution of virtual machine in Windows XP Mode?

1. Shut down the virtual machine in Windows Virtual PC, so to exit the Windows XP Mode. 2. Open a command prompt window with elevated privilege. 3. Run the following command  cd /d “%localappdata%MicrosoftWindows Virtual PCVirtual Machines” REM make a copy of the configuration files copy “Windows XP Mode.vmc” “Windows XP Mode.vmc.backup”notepad “Windows XP Mode.vmc” 4….


An internal error occurred when you are migrating mail boxes from on-primise Exchange server to Plan E3.

Symptom: When you are migrating mail boxes from your Exchange server to Plan E3. You’ve implemented federation (AD FS) in your on-premises organization. Your are doing a staged Exchange Migration (using a CSV file). In the CSV file, you’re using TRUE for the value of the ForceChangePassword attribute. You might get the following error: A Windows Live error…


Powershell: How to re-provsion the sync DB to resolve the issue that User Profile Synchronization Service fails to start?

You can use the below script: ================================== Get-SPDatabase $syncdb=Get-SPDatabase -Id$syncdb.Unprovision()$syncdb.Status=’Offline’Get-SPServiceApplication$upa=Get-SPServiceApplication – Id$upa.ResetSynchronizationMachine()$upa.ResetSynchronizationDatabase()$syncdb.Provision()  


Powershell: How to restart the User Profile Synchronization Service if disabled?

Below script shows how to restart the User Profile Synchronization Service if disabled.   ============================================ # Loads the SharePoint 2010 PowerShell extensions Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell  # Sets variable for User Profile Service Application: enter the name of your UPA in quotes, replacing the “UPA” example$upa = Get-SPServiceApplication |?{$_.displayname -eq “UPA”}# Sets variable for service instance: enter…


CPP: How to wait on a job object?

This is the sample code in CPP to show how to wait on a job object. In the documentation:   The state of a job object is set to signaled when all of its processes are terminated because the specified end-of-job time limit has been exceeded. Use WaitForSingleObject or WaitForSingleObjectEx to monitor the job object…


Error "The certificate enrollment page you are attempting to access cannot be used with this version of Windows" after MS11-051 patch installation

Symptom: You have Windows Server 2003 with installed Certification Authority and Web Enrollment components. When you try to access web enrollment pages from a Windows Vista-based (or newer) computer you receive error: The certificate enrollment page you are attempting to access cannot be used with this version of Windows. To enable Web certificate enrollment for clients…


How to query network adapter for IPv6 protocol?

Assuming you need it in script, PowerShell: # computername $MachineName = ‘localhost’   # open HKLM reg on $MachineName $reg = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey(‘LocalMachine’, $MachineName)   # open subKey SYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesTCPIP6Linkage $regKey = $reg.OpenSubKey(“SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Linkage”)   # get the values from the name ‘Bind’ # e.g. Device{A2B312D5-A133-4779-B21B-5B3ED82B6DCF} $bind = $regKey.GetValue(“bind”)   # get adapters that are IP enabled :…


C# – How to load DLL in separate domain and use its methods?

Sometimes you may have a need to load a DLL in a separate domain to call its method at run-time. You can create a proxy class by referencing the following code snippet: public class Loader : MarshalByRefObject { object CallInternal(string dll, string typename, string method, object[] parameters) { Assembly a = Assembly.LoadFile(dll); object o = a.CreateInstance(typename);…