Media Player 12 auto-play behavior when inserting audio CD

These days, we find a interesting problem from the technet forum.

You are using Windows Media player 12 to play a video, then insert an audio CD, WMP will stop the video and begin playing the CD. Obviously it's annoying.

Even tried changing the AutoPlay settings to “Take no action” under Control Panel to prevent audio CD from playing automatically. But still no go.

If you are suffering this issue, here is an easy way to stop it in several simple steps.
1.  Go to Control Panel, AutoPlay
2.  Change the Audio CD to "? Ask me every time" and click save

3. Open Media Player and insert a CD.
4.  When the AutoPlay window appears, check the "Always do this for Audio CDs:" checkbox
5.  Click on the blue link on the bottom: "View more Auto Play options in control panel"

6.  Change the Audio CD selection back to "Take no action" and click save
7.  Click the red X to close the AutoPlay window.
Windows Media Player 12 now will no longer kick into AutoPlay



Edit: KB2475116 was published, please refer it for more details.

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  1. ste5an says:

    This does not work on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with all current updates. As long as "Use AutoPlay.." is checked in the control panel with all  media types having "Take no action" assigned.

  2. Mr Cairo says:

    like it says i those threads a hundred times changing autoplay …just … does … not … work

    the solution above …just … does … not … work

    its not just music , if i am watching a film and i insert a USB/CD with an old avi file on it Media player will stop what i am watching and kick in the file on the USB

  3. ChintuKPV says:

    @Mr Cairo

    This solves the problem partially.

    Make the following additions in the registry and the playback is not "unrecoverable"

    1. Open Regedit

    2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMediaPlayerPreferences

    3. Create a DWORD with name "MediaFolderDetectionDepth" and set its value to "0"

    4. Create a DWORD with name "NonMediaCountToAbortMediaFolderDetection" and set its value to "0"

    Now, I put in a DVD with some media files, and mp3 playback does not stop. (previously this was stopping the playback)

    In case of inserting a DVD, then I had to stop the playback and press "Play Previous List" in the "Now Playing Window"

    Restart is not required. (I see that WMP12 is reading the key atleast one time when the drive is inserted). May be my answer is incomplete. If so, someone please help me (I will also work on this)

    I hope this was useful to some level.

  4. Rick Lemon says:

    This is not a fix for Windows 7 and Media Player 12. Media Player still switches to the CD and starts playing, even when other media is in current use. Please remove this as a fix. It is WRONG.

  5. Derek Matthys says:

    I believe i have figured out a solution to this probem. During a session of testing i received an error that i have not seen before and have not heard mentioned before about files not being able to be ripped from the disc. Before everyone gets out of hand and says that this has nothing to do with the current issue i assure you it does as i watch movies from my hard drive while backing up additional movies using dvdfab and was sick of having to reset the movie currently being watched every half hour when i would insert the next of my dvd's. Now as stated i have never scene the error mentioned above prior to this attempt and am sure no one else has either but long story short i disabled an automatic ripping feature in wmp options and have not had the trouble since as this issue has been going on for a long time i will list the options i took and would like some feed back as to weather this worked for anyone other than me before i say its definitely the cause found and solution to the prolem as everyone has mentioned a simple check box to fix the problem would be great and would appear to me to have been there all along we were all just looking in the wrong spot please follow the steps below and then post to confirm this worked for others thanks.

                  Open windows media player and prest the ALT key on your keyboard this will open a dropdown in the top right that you will recognize as what used to be a menu bar at the top of most older softwares. In the drop down menu select tools>options. A dialog box will open. Select the Rip Music tab. in that windows approximatly half way down you will see a check box labled Rip CD Automatically. Untick that checkbox and click ok and your done. It should no longer interupt your current media unless you tell it to.

                As this seemed completely irrelevant to me at first it has fixed the issue i was having that led me to this thread and two others that all seem to have no answer. As this is the only machine i have currently running windows media player 12 and to my knowledge the only one capable of running windows media player 12 i have not been able to test this on another machine to confirm. when and if someone else tries the steps i provided please post here the confirmation of success thank you

  6. Spud says:

    ^Above suggestion did not work for me; rip cd automatically was already unchecked.

  7. Pissed of User says:

    None of these fucking solutions work. I have seen enough people post a solution and have one or two people claim it works only to have the third say otherwise to think that Microsoft is actively killing any and all "fixes" to this "feature".

  8. Boris says:

    Yup, I've tried everythign in allthreads. This is a bug that won't go away.

  9. Scissors says:

    Nothing in this thread worked for me.  What I did that worked was:

    Open the registry editor

    Browse to HKEY_Current_UserSoftwareMicrosoftMediaPlayerPreferences

    Create a new DWORD value (if it doesn't already exist) called CDAutoPlay

    Set it to 0

    Problem solved.

  10. mike says:

    The recommendation by Scissors still does not solve the problem.

  11. Sushma Gupta says:

    Great and a very informative blog for me. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog.

  12. Sushma Gupta says:

    Nice one. Keep sharing.

  13. Bill Gates says:

    I despise Microsoft.

  14. VoltisArt says:

    Did all of the above, as well as the link below. Something worked; don’t care what, but it worked. WMP no longer autoplays CD’s when I’m trying to do something else, like rip multiple disks.

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