Error message “one of the USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it”

Today we will talk about an issue of USB devices that many users has encountered.
The symptom is when you connect a USB device to windows7 laptop, system will pop up a message “One of the USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it”.

In addition, you can find an error code 43 in device manager “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”.

This is a very common error code and the cause may not be determined easily. We provide some general troubleshooting steps, hope it's helpful.

Try the steps below:


1.    Make sure you update to latest BIOS.
2.    Reinstall USB controllers
First, please disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps:
a)    Click "Start" button, type “devmgmt.msc” (without quotation marks) in the “Search” bar and press "Enter". Click “Continue” if necessary.
b)    In Device Manager, double click to expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers", right click on the Host Controller, click "Uninstall" and click "OK".
c)    Repeat the step 2 to uninstall all items under "Universal Serial Bus controllers".
Then, restart your computer and Windows 7 will reinstall all USB controllers automatically.


3.    If the above steps cannot resolve the problem, try the steps below:
a)    Turned the laptop off, unplugged it.
b)    Pulled out the battery for a few minutes.
c)    Then power on the laptop.

Make sure the USB device is working, try changing to another USB port.

5. Also, you can try in-place upgrade your system or system restore from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

At boot-up, Hit F8 --> Repair --> System Recovery Options Window --> System Restore.



Comments (51)

  1. Anonymous says:

    my hp laserjet m1005 mfp is not getting instelled with window7

  2. Anonymous says:

    i am having the same problem with my usb mouse that had. been working for years. i have tried every fix i can find but nothing has worked

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got so sick of this that I turned off warnings on the task bar and set the warning tones to zero. Now I don’t get driven mad by the constant interruptions……and guess what? …everything seems to be working fine!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. danma_ says:

    Also, you can try in-place upgrade your system or system restore from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

    At boot-up, Hit F8 –> Repair –> System Recovery Options Window –> System Restore.…/how-to-recover-from-the-no-boot-situation-caused-by-the-failed-installation-of-windows-7-or-windows-server-2008-r2-sp1.aspx

  6. danma_ says:

    Make sure the USB device is working, install all latest drivers, firmware and bios, try changing to another USB port…

  7. amok says:


    1st of all i'm using Win7 on a hp530 laptop.

    I got a problem with my USB flash drive, and the symptoms are exacly the ones you described.

    Problem is that the cause of the error is (i believe) in the flash drive, because it has worked before, but after my home computer got atacked by a virus the flash drive never worked again,  it doesnt even work on any other computer (i tried my formatted winXP home pc, and a machintosh with unix based SO), i can connect other usb flash drives to my computer and they'll work fine, so i guess teh problem is not on the computer side.

    Main question is, is there any way i can restore the main structure of my pen drive so it can be recognizable again by the operating system?

  8. P O'ed says:

    None of these recomendations work for most cases. Just do an internet search and view all of the users having this same problem with laptops and desk top computers.

    Is it a coincidence that so many computers are all having USB failures? Stange that Device Manager always says the USB contollers are working but its the device plugged in that is not recognized and supposedly failed. Okay, but why do the same devices work when plugged into a different computer?

    Clean re-installation of Windows 7 does not fix the problem. Unplugging and taking out the battery also useless.  Sure seems to be an OS problem that simply fails to identify any USB device and then fails to apply the correct driver.  Hundeds of suggestions are on numerous threads addressing this issue but everything appears to be simply shots in the dark without any real definitive answer!

  9. P O'ed 2 says:

    I think P O'ed got it right.  All this tinkering in the dark leads to an exorbitant waste of time and in some cases damage to computer systems.  Microsoft should acknowledge the problem and find the solution.

  10. Also peed off says:

    just got this tonight. Cant imagine what its like for the guy whos been putting up with this for over a year.

    Right out of the blue my podxt no longer recognised. Tried everything. uninstalling all usb devices/hubs/ports etc. Tried the power down solution. No luck. Tried sys restore, no luck. tried registry repair no luck. MS fix tool no luck. You get the idea. Just from what Ive read around the net in the last 8 hours solid leads me to believe this is a fundamental flaw in the MS OS.

  11. Asim says:


  12. PO'ed Mat says:

    Also wasted countless hours trying to fix this. I get the code 43 with a Seagate external drive. From what i read on forums, the problem has been reported since mid-2009 and still, no real solutions from Microsoft.

    And i'm sorry, but the turn it off, unplug and power back is not a solution. What the hell is Microsoft doing on that issue ? Why are'nt manufacturers like Seagate doing anything about it, while their products (supposedly windows 7 compatible) are useless on that system ? Windows 7 has been out for nearly 2 years, anybody about to wake up at Microsoft ?

    At least acknowledge the damn problem so  we'll stop wasting hours trying to understand it !!!

  13. wheresmikeys says:

    Yeah, I have followed the run around and have been given the codes.  Nothing works!! My Iomega  external drive works with our Macbook and our Lenovo laptop  Windows XP, but NOT with our Lenovo desktop Windows 7. My problem is I am trying to get my 104 Gigabytes of Itunes onto the Lenovo with WIndows 7 to a make space on the Macbook. I am P.O'ed also

  14. js says:

    I am having the same code 43 error with trying to hook up my printer….I am so aggrevated…what the devil…I bought this laptop to be up to date…instead i cannot even get my printer hooked up…..where is the help…and why does microsoft 7 charge you if you need real support……

  15. Doug says:

    I have the same problem, Windows 7 Home Premium, HP desktop A350N, not a laptop.  I am getting the same error message.

  16. bossken says:

    i also have the same issue with my W7 ultimate 64 bit can anyone resolved this issue. Thanks

  17. Akhter Kirmani says:

    i m using windows 7 on compaq presario v3000. Drivers for hp m1005mfp are not been accepted loaded to my computer

  18. not alone says:

    seems I have joined a club with my iomega hard drive, windows 7 laptop error code 43 nightmare. I too have tried many many tricks to no avail. What is to be done, I am gutted all my photos, all my music  and some important documents hiding on my hard drive….

  19. Allen Rude says:

    I only have this problem with a USB MIDI Device, that had been working for over 1 year, then bang no longer works, get error 43, have tried every suggestion and process I can find and it no longer works.  I an running win 7 64 bit but like i said it worked before, sure smells like a patch that was made in the last 30 days, or a piece of code that was encountered for the first time as I have seen people that have been fighting this for over a year.  Going to try and see if installing driver as 32 bit, dont know if I even can, but that is last option until MS bellies up with a driver patch seeing as their USB Driver dates back to 6/21/2006 which I think is prior to Win 7 64BIT OS?

  20. Terencve says:

    MS a re a disgrace. This error is costing companies a fortune

  21. P'ed Off says:

    Glad to see i'm not alone…brand new Lenovo Z560 laptop with Win7 64 bit, cannot recognise my Imation Apollo PHDD 250GB External hard drive ,which worked no probs in XP.  Same as everyone else, the reason for having that drive was to save important stuff on which I now can't see. Cheekily, even the Windows site showed my device in a list of compatible devices. Oh no it ain't.

    Last resort, get another external hard drive which is Win 7 compatible, find a machine where both drives work and transfer the files across.


  22. Allan says:

    maybe they are doing this for a reason for us to buy again,yes im with all of you.i've been looking for an answer almost 2 years now.and still no rigth answer..i bougth a new one and i hope i'll never encounter this problem again.

  23. edoubleb says:

    this is ridiculous… i have had this ongoing problem, for months. if i unplug one of the other usb devices it works fine…

  24. Dotty says:

    Thanks.  Your article solved a problem I have been fighting for months.  My USB mouse would stop working and disappear.  Uninstalling 2 Universal Serial Bus controllers and restarting windows has fixed it.  Many thanks!

  25. Avinash says:

    i am  facing same problem with with one of my usb

  26. manisha says:


    thanks a lot, I had tried all other options since last two days then I  Turned the laptop off, unplugged it  Pulled out the battery for a few minutes and then after fixing the battery on its place in laptop ,I started my Laptop and it finally worked.

    this non technical solution actually worked.

  27. Ross says:

    We have the same problem with a USB2 HDD on Windows 7 64-bit. The drive is fine when moved to a computer running XP. I removed all USB hubs/controllers in Control Panel, but that made no difference.

  28. tried everything, here, ARRRGH! says:

    Wow!  I'm both glad and dismayed that I'm part of an ever growing club of win7 usb error 43 issues.  

    What's really entertaining to me is that I have NO devices attached to usb's…Yet the message speaks of usb devices erroring out…

    so…this thread's been going for quite some time…any NEW ideas?  

    good luck to all!


    (Yes, I've tried EVERY STEP mentioned here -except the skydrive thingy- nuthin fixes it…)


  29. eirini says:

    if anyone found a solution to this let's just say it, i want at least my data from my external drive [Maxtor] back…

  30. MSSucksButHasTonsOfCashFromSuckersLikeMe says:

    This is my flippin' livelihood here!  I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and I'm having this problem with my foot pedal and now my USB headset!  I am livid to think MS knows about this and hasn't done anything about it!  

    My foot pedal worked just fine for months after I bought this Toshiba laptop, then it started not responding well, then not at all!  My job sent me a new pedal and again…it worked fine for months and now once again it's petering out!  My job is not happy and are wondering if it's something I'm doing!  

    I work on production, so when my foot pedal doesn't work, I'm LOSING MONEY!  But hey, what does MS care…I've already paid them just like so many others!  @%Y%&%&!!!!!

  31. alfred says:

    Has any tried to run Unix to solve this problem

  32. alfred says:

    Maybe we should protest worldwide outside their offices or maybe even att….k them. I am getting mad

  33. kim says:

    Same problem, error 43.  I've tried every possible fix on the internet and it won't recognize my mouse.  My laptop is rendered useless for my purposes by this one problem and no one has any answers!

  34. Olive Oyl says:

    Oh, Yea!  Yet another problem with my 'new' laptop.  Is Windows 7 a virus?  Hello, y'all, nice to be in your club exclusively available to those with USB probs.  I have already reinstalled Win7 FIVE times and conned mfr into a new motherboard.  None of that worked.  I wish the USB was my only problem.  I can't even get it stable enough to install my 'new' Office Pro 2010…because I need my computer for my business.  Thank God my 2003 Dell w/XP with Office 2002 is so reliable.  This all really stinks!

  35. dendeze says:

    Same prob here, be it with a usb-to-quad-serial converter with prolific PL-2303 chip.

    Automatically detected and automatically installed on a XP-SP3 and win7/64 pro system, but fails on a win7/64 enterprise machine. Somehow the built-in hub in the cable seems not to be detected correctly. Tried about everything, to no avail. Guess I will just buy several single cables, cheaper as to keep on messing with it.

  36. theGreek says:

    The solution that has worked for me on many occasions is to power down the computer, then unplug the computer!  This is very important.  If you have a laptop you must also remove the battery.  Wait a minimum of 5 minutes before powering on your computer again.  This has worked on at least 5 or 6 computers in my office.  Again, it is very important that you remove all power/batteries from the system for at least 5 minutes.

    Main symptoms when this solution works are:

    – Computer and peripherals are working fine one day, then errors start the next day and no changes or updates have been applied recently.

    – Powering down (without unplugging) does nothing to fix the problem.

    – Reinstalling drivers has no effect, in fact you may get messages stating that the drivers could not be installed successfully.

    If this is what you are experiencing then this fix should work for you.

  37. ezblunts says:

    jeez!!! ive tried EVERYTHING!!!! every post claiming to have a solution is just another let down.


  38. ezbluntz says:

    im trying to connect my Samsung gio s5660 to my pc — im using W7 Pro OS — and im only getting this error with said device.

  39. ezbluntz says:

    One last thing, my phone does charge when connected to my pc, but windows fails to recognize the device——-THIS IS SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!—-especially considering im trying to update the firmware of my phone.

  40. Thank Goodness says:

    Hi, wanted to say that I followed all the steps listed above and it seems to have worked.

    Thank you for the tips and I really hope everyone else can find a solution sometime soon, although, judging by the comments it might not be the case.

  41. Zenith3102 says:

    Running and old Gateway laptop to power security cam (a logitech C525). Same thing happened to me. Cam started malfunctioning and then the computer gave me an alert the the cam was not recognized. After trying all 4 usb ports and finding the same results…bad. I ended up doing a system restore to 2 months back. All ports are now working again. Funny how updates are suppose to help…but not in this case. Now starts the tedious task of finding out which update I don't want in my computer…lol.

    Hope this helps

  42. skye2 says:

    I'm bordering on crying. I've tried everything offered and nothing works. I was charging my phone. Unplug it, got up to use printer, came back ,put phone back in and it hasn't worked since. This is horrible, it's a fairly new computer and I have loads of work to print out and scan, etc. Please, someone help!

  43. Amy says:

    I’m used to seeing this USB error at work – we have an older USB device, and when it came out, the manufacturer said specifically it was not USB 2.0 compatible. They said the device will cut out at random, and gave directions on how to get the device to connect. Sometimes unplugging the device and plugging it back in works. Other times I am forced to restart the computer – several times. Sometimes I plug it in – the error shows up, then if I wait 1 minute (yes, folks, that’s 60 seconds), windows will recognize it. Sometimes the device is FINE FOR MONTHS, then will start cutting out A LOT. These issues happen in both windows xp and windows 7.

    So I wonder, this problem we’re seeing in windows 7…might be related to either a) older devices that are not USB 2.0 compatible, or b) windows (or a windows update) is converting (some but maybe not all??) USB 2.0 devices to USB 1.1.

    Turns out there is a windows update that fixes the USB installers (KB2529073), however, when I ran it, windows said I already had it installed.

    My all-in-one HP TouchSmart 520-1030 PC internal webcam has had this connection problem since I first got the computer in 2012. When I first saw the error – I thought, oh sh** – I know what this means!! Gotta unplug some sh**. It’s the internal webcam – the only thing that I can’t unplug (at least with ease) because it’s under the computer cover.

    So I am guessing, in my case, that the internal webcam is a piece of sh**, and is not USB 2.0 compatible, and/or there’s something wrong with the driver. The problem, in my case, IS NOT software related – the problem happens no matter what webcam software I use. The driver details show that the webcam is using a Microsoft drivers 6.1.7601.18208 and 6.1.7600.16385 from 2006. HP does not have a driver for the webcam – they only provide the HP Webcam software. Another forum suggested that maybe the HP Webcam software also provided hardware drivers, however, when I use the HP Webcam software, the drivers are still from Microsoft.

    I found the most consistent, but also the most time consuming, way to get the webcam to work immediately on my HP TouchSmart is to turn the computer off, REMOVE THE POWER CORD FROM THE COMPUTER (NOT unplugging the cord from the power supply, but removing the cord from the computer itself), WAIT15 seconds, plug the power cord back into the computer, and then restart. Uninstalling the device in Device Manager, and either restarting the computer or searching for new hardware again in Device Manager, RARELY works for me, but I have to admit, it has worked a few times.

  44. Kieran says:

    I swapped the cable and it worked. Simple as that, now I’m backing up my files on to a memory stick and going to put on Home PC. 🙂 Hope this quick fix helps for others.

  45. Elsa says:

    WOW… thanks it’s very usefull

  46. faizan says:

    well I have speakers i tried all the steps u have given above but still I am having this problem

  47. The Hung says:

    Thank you so much for 2nd solution. My problem was fixed now.

  48. Jeff25 says:

    I have Windows Vista and my USB mouse just stopped being recognized by my Dell Lap Top last night, I tried everything too, other devices work in the USB, the mouse even lights up but will not work. I am pissed and I think it is a huge problem probably
    caused by the NSA or Microsoft so everyone has to buy more equipment that didn’t sell during the Christmas season this year. It’s a conspiracy.

  49. flhthemi says:

    This is what happened to ME yesterday:

    I reached over to the front USB2 port to plug in an external hard drive. When I did I got a static discharge to the USB2 port and at that point I heard the USB2 sound from the PC. The one that plays when there is an error. I also got the message "The last usb
    device you connected to this computer malfunctioned" Port was working fine but Device Manager showed one built in Hub was not functioning and it was complaining about the driver not being recognized. I tried to uninstall that hub and restart the PC. Same deal,
    error and messages. So I decided to connect a USB device and see if the port was working and when I did I got another static discharge and heard the USB sound that plays when you connect to a good port. I opened Device Manager and guess what….no more errors!!
    I conclude that the static changed something on the USB controller chip. Maybe turning off all the USB settings in BIOS and rebooting and then turning them back on and rebooting might reset them. I don’t know as it’s working fine now and I am discharging myself
    to a metal plug bar I have near the PC before I connect or touch the PC from now on, or at least until the air is not so dry.

  50. Nasiya says:

    One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it… tired of this message!

  51. Ronti Gan says:
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