ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 3 – Rollback Failure and Temporary Resolution

Should the installation of ISA Server 2004 SP3 fail for any reason, a rollback operation will execute so that ISA components are returned to their pre-update versions.  If the ISA management console was opened while the update or rollback was in progress, this rollback process may fail.  This most often occurs when the ISA management is left open in a separate RDP session on that server.


We have had reports that the rollback is failing, which may result in leaving mixed components on the ISA Server, causing ISA service startup to fail.  We are investigating ways to prevent the update conflict and also to correct the rollback failures.


There are two options to resolve the rollback failure:


Option A: reinstall in repair mode (preferred)


A.      Download Service Pack 3 from ISA Download Site for your ISA 2004 Edition

B.      Make sure all ISA UI is closed and no other ISA utilities are in use

C.      Reinstall SP3 using this command line:

Msiexec /p <FullPathToSp3Package> REINSTALL=all REINSTALLMODE=omus SKIP_DIAGLOGACLS=1 /l*v c:sp3.log



Option B; re-register an ISA administration component

A.      Start | Run

B.      Type “cmd” <Enter>

C.      Run the following commands:

1.       cd /d "%programfiles%Microsoft ISA Server" (use the quotes)

2.       regsvr32 wspadmin.dll

3.       md VPNNetsh

4.       net start fwsrv.


If none of these processes are successful, please contact PSS immediately.


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