How Microsoft IT Conduct Anti-Spam and Antivirus

A hot topic and one of the most common tasks for messaging system administrators is how to combat spam and virus on their messaging servers.  Now that over 75% of Internet email consists of spam, a complete, realistic, and centralized anti-spam and antivirus solution is required for most customers using a messaging system. Today, we will look at how Microsoft IT has implemented messaging protection for the Microsoft corporate mail network by using the enhancements in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, which includes the Edge Transport server role and Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server.


In a large corporation like Microsoft, you can imagine the volume of email and the potential spam and virus threats. The folks at Microsoft IT process close to 14 million messages per day for 130,000 mailboxes on the network. With the help of anti-spam and antivirus processing, they get rid of 95 percent of all spam messages and viruses. How does Microsoft IT do it? Just click the link to the TechNet article below to get the details.


A Comprehensive Anti-Spam and Antivirus Solution: Microsoft IT's Rollout


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