Security settings in Outlook 2007

As you remember, in our previous newsletter, we introduced the “public folder security forms” which is used in Outlook 2003 to control security settings centrally. In Outlook 2007, we can use either public folder security forms or Group Policy to manage security for attachments and for add-ins. The ability to use Group Policy object (GPO) settings to store security settings is a new feature in Outlook 2007.


If your environment uses public folders, and if you use public folder security forms in earlier versions of Outlook, you can continue to use public folder security forms. You can do this after you make a minor change to the appropriate registry settings. Also, Outlook 2007 is designed to take advantage of the GPO settings to manage security for attachments and for add-ins.


More detailed information can be found in the following article.


Information for administrators about e-mail security settings in Outlook 2007


For your convenience, we have listed the previous article of “public folder security forms” of Outlook 2003 below.


How to use Outlook E-mail Security Administrative Package to Trust Add-in or Other Programs


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