Introduce Network Monitor 3.0

Network Monitor is a very useful tool to troubleshoot Network related issues. Microsoft has released the new Network Monitor 3.0 which is supported on Windows Vista.


Here are some of the key features of Network Monitor 3.0:


l          A completely new user interface

l          Real time capture and display of frames

l          Simultaneous capture on multiple network adapters

l          Multiple simultaneous capture sessions

l          Network conversations and a tree view displaying frames by conversation

l          A new script-based protocol parser language, and script-based parsers

l          Support for Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003

l          Support for 32bit and 64bit platforms


To download Network Monitor 3.0, please visit the site below:


The site does require you have a passport account to sign in, but it is free. Then you may find Network Monitor 3.0 in the Available Connections field. Click Apply to participate. Then you can then download Network Monitor 3.0 there.


For more information about Network Monitor 3.0, please visit these links:


Netmon 3 Public Release FAQ (requires participation first)


Network Monitor blog


Network Monitor 3 Newsgroup (requires participation first)

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