Exchange Server 2007 Out of Office (OOF) Improvements and Best Practice

With improvements in Exchange Server 2007, some of the common issues hit by users when using the Out of Office Assistant are addressed:


l   Users sometimes forget to turn the Out of Office assistant on and off, because it cannot be scheduled in advance. Exchange Server 2007 provides end users the ability to schedule OOF times in the future.

l   Users would like to send more detailed Out of Office information to their co-workers, but send more generic information to external senders. Exchange Server 2007 allows end users to set separate internal and external OOF messages.

l   Some users want to send their Out of Office messages only to a limited set of external contacts, but not anyone who might email them – for privacy reasons. In Exchange Server 2007, users can choose to send their external OOF message only to their external contacts.


Exchange Server 2007 provides both end-users and administrators with great flexibility in configuring OOF to well meet various requirements. The article at Microsoft Exchange Tam Blog Web site contains details on this topic

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