Tons of paper only with a date is printed due to theW32.Looked.AH virus

Some shared printers print tons of pages containing only a date unexpectedly. It may be caused by Virus W32.Looked.AH (rundl132.exe) . This virus  has the following symptoms:

a.       Shared printers print a lot of pages containing only a date.

b.       The “rundl132.exe” and “logo1_.exe” files exist in the %windir% folder.

c.       Dll.dll file exists in the %windir% folder.

Please contact your anti-virus vendor to fix the issue by updating the latest virus data.  Please  refer to:

More Information:  This virus creates a “_desktop.ini” file in multiple folders. It can copy _desktop.ini to file and printer shares on the network. In the “_desktop.ini” file, it only contains a date. Once the _desktop.ini is copied to a shared printer, this printer will print out the date and time.

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