Cannot add delegate after applying update 913807

Recently, some customers could not add additional delegates after applying Outlook Update 913807. If they try to add a delegate in Outlook, the following error message appears: "The delegate settings were not saved correctly. Unable to activate send-on-behalf-of list. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object". Removing update 913807 solves this problem. However it is not recommended as new update package will include this update.


The better solution for this issue is to add the "Write Personal Information" permission to the SELF account for the user trying to add the delegate.


1.       Start Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC).

2.       Click View -> Advanced Features

3.       Locate the user's OU. In the right pane, Right Click the User who wants to add Delegate in Outlook and Click Properties.

4.       On Security tab, Locate the SELF account and Set "Write Personal Information" to Allow

5.       Click OK


Now, the user can add delegate properly. By the way, if you want to let userB help userA add delegate, besides "Full Mailbox Access", please don't forget to grant this "Write Personal Information" permission to userB.

Comments (10)

  1. Bob Murray says:

    I have no control over the AD our department is a member of, and my AD administrators were less than helpful on this issue.  I cannot manage delegates for any of our resources and the Write Personal Information security setting for SELF on these accounts is set to Allow.  I receive the exact text described above when I try to add a delegate.  I used to be able to remove hotfix 913807 and perform these tasks but now it’s been rolled up in a larger KB as it doesn’t appear in my add/remove programs.  I’ve installed Office 2007 on my test box hoping that is the Service Pack 3 I’ve been waiting on, but alas the problem persists.  If anyone has any additional information, I’d be forever grateful.

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  8. Naveen Kumar says:

    It worked for one user….but we are facing same issue for other user as well. any domain wise solution.. we have exchange 2007 with client outlook 2007

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