Outlook Crash after move mailbox to Exchange 2003 SP2

We have received a lot of cases recently of Outlook crashing following a mailbox move to Exchange 2003 SP2. The crash occurs due to a discrepancy in the replid map in the memory on the server and the replid map in Jet. Such issues are common due to the GRM (Guid/replid mapping) cache being on by default in SP2 (whereas in SP1 it was turned off by default). Remounting the MDB or restarting the Store service will resolve the crashes for affected users. Some users that have experienced the crashing problem have also encountered problems with duplicate default folders, delegate issues, as well as Free/Busy problems. These problems persist after the restart and must be manually corrected.

You can also perform the following steps to disable GRM cache on Exchange 2003 SP2.

1.      Access the Registry: Click start -> Run… -> Type "regedit" and hit OK

2.      Locate the following subkey:
<ServerName><Mailbox Store Guid>

3.      Add the following value
Value: Guid-Replid Caching
Value Data: 0

NOTE: You should set "Guid-Replid Caching" for all stores you wish to disable the GRM cache.



Author: Reid Li

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