Install WSUS SP1 with WMSDE


Download the following components firstly:

1.      WSUS SP1 (WSUS2-KB919004-x86.exe):

Save it on WSUS server.

2.      Please download Windows Server Update Services API Samples and Tools from

Install it on WSUS server. It contains a migration tool, which is very helpful in WSUS backup/restore.


Backup the existing WSUS:

Before installing WSUS SP1, we should keep the WSUS content folder that contains all update exe file downloaded, and backup the original SUSDB. With these 2 parts, we could restore the original WSUS if there is any unexpected exception during installing SP1.

You may refer to the link below for backing up WSUS.

1.      Backup WSUS Database

1.)   Stop services:

CMD: net stop wsusservice; net stop w3svc

2.)   Backup the existing SUSDB


The SUSDBRTM.BAK can be a restore source if restore is necessary.

3.)   Copy the database file:

CMD: net stop MSSQL$WSUS

Under \WSUS\MSSQL$WSUS\Data, copy SUSDB.mdf and SUSDB_log.LDF to safe place. These 2 files can be another restore source if restore is necessary.

4.)   Start services:

CMD: net stop MSSQL$WSUS; net start wsusservice; net start w3svc

5.)   Under C:\Program Files\Update Services API Samples and Tools\WsusMigrate\WsusMigrationExport

CMD: WsusMigrationExport.exe WSUS.XML

The generated WSUS.XML is useful in some migration/restore scenarios.

2.      Backup the downloaded update files

Just keep the WSUS content folder \WSUS\WsusContent


Install WSUS SP1 with WMSDE

WSUS SP1 could be installed solely or installed directly on WSUS RTM. After installation, the version on WSUS admin page will be changed from to

Run the following SQL script on SUSDB, the returned BuildNumber should be 3790.2620

osql -E -S %computername%\WSUS -Q "USE SUSDB select * from dbo.tbSchemaVersion"

WSUS client will not be affected during SP1 installation. After installation, client WUA will be self-updated from to (file version of %windir%\system32\wuaueng.dll).

Run WSUS2-KB919004-x86.exe on the existing WSUS server, go though the steps in installation wizard. Check if SP1 can be installed in this way.


Author: Alex Lv

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