Automatic Update Scan Issues

Microsoft is aware, through recent customer feedback, that some enterprise customers have been experiencing performance issues when they apply Microsoft updates to certain workstations or servers. Customers are experiencing this when they use Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or a later version together with the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU). Customers also experience this issue on computers that are running the Windows Update Agent (WUA). The performance issues are causing high levels of CPU consumption when the customers perform a scan or when they apply Microsoft updates.

There are two main symptoms that are being investigated:

1) Unexpectedly high CPU utilization during a scan (seen most commonly during scans for Office products). The system sometimes became extremely slow to respond or appeared hung. At the same time, the CPU usage for the service host process (svchost.exe) in which Windows Update (wuauserv) lives went to 100%.

2) The overall duration of ITMU scans or installs is unexpectedly long, thus application load and response times being severely effected for long durations.

Affected component: WUA (Windows Update Agent), ITMU

We now have a workaround to replace the latest


Author: Dan Ma

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