Error code 0x1391 while installing Terminal licenses

Recently, you may fail to install Terminal licenses using the “Automatic” or “Web Browser” connection method and receive the error message below:

"The Licensing wizard encountered an error while installing the license key pack. Check your network connections, and then retry the operation.  If the problem persists, try using a different connection method. Error code 0x1391"

This issue is caused due to Clearinghouse server communication issue. We have fixed the issue on July 24, 2006.

If you still encounter above error message, please contact our Clearinghouse to feedback the issue. It is really appreciated! You can also work with Clearinghouse to install Terminal licenses manually.

Please refer to the article below to get phone numbers of Clearinghouse.

HOW TO: Locate a Phone Number for the Microsoft Clearinghouse



Author: Steven Xu

Comments (9)

  1. Anonymous says:

    we have been trying to activate terminal license for the past 5 days now. What is the solution for this . The error code is giving is 0x1391

  2. Oletho says:

    I get the same error today installing licenses for Windows 2008 server

  3. Emerald komba says:

    I still get this error today   28/10/2009

    Message Number: 0x1391.

  4. Muhammad Sajid says:

    I get the same error today installing licenses for Windows 2003server

    Message Number: 0x1391

  5. Rashid Raouf Anjum says:

    I’m facing the same issue while installing the CAL. The error 0x1391 occring every time

  6. Chad K says:

    I am having the same exact issue trying to install 50 new TCALS.

  7. Joshua Marshall says:

    Change the method of activation to Web Browser.  That should work.

  8. nick says:

    I’ve been having this issue for weeks now…

  9. nick says:

    Call the clearing house number, its fast and easy. Just added 100 licenses.

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