Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Activating Your IUR Licenses service

The Partner Technical Services team is excited to share a new initiative focused on helping you learn about your internal usage licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a benefit of your MPN membership. Partners who consume this MPN membership benefit sell approximately three times larger deals!† Learn how to best demo CRM Online and watch some easy-to-implement, real-world scenarios to help you sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Did you know that as a Microsoft Partner you can benefit from Internal Usage Rights (IUR) licenses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? If not, then attend our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Activating Your IUR Licenses session. We will explain and help you understand IUR licenses, what your IUR benefit is as well as how to enable your licenses. We will then show you how to best demo the product to your customers and finally, how you can leverage IUR to grow your business by watching some simple real-world scenarios.

The content is delivered in five modules:

  • Module 1: What are internal-use rights (IUR) licenses?
  • Module 2: Benefits by Microsoft Partner Network membership status
  • Module 3: Step-by-step: enabling your licenses walkthrough
  • Module 4: Demo excellence: how to demo Dynamics CRM Online  
  • Module 5: Real-world scenarios: use IUR licenses to grow your business

For more information about the offering, please click on the link: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Activating Your IUR Licenses

If you have any question, please feel free Contact US.

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