New, Improved Group Policy Link Report with PowerShell

A peer asked me to update one of my classic Group Policy reporting scripts this week, so I thought I would share the update with y’all. Continuous Improvement Over the years I have released a number of Group Policy scripts. This one shows you all kinds of goodness: GPOs linked to OUs OUs where block-inheritance…


Compare Group Policy (GPO) and PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

What is the difference between Group Policy (GPO) and PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)? Why would I use one over the other? I hear these questions frequently. Today we are going to fully explore the pros and cons of each. Is GPO going the way of the floppy disk? Let’s find out. The Contenders Group…


UPDATED: Copy and Merge Group Policies (GPOs) with PowerShell

  GPO Consolidation Redux Do you have Group Policies gone wild? Did you realize too late that it might not be such a good idea to delegate GPO creation to half the IT department? Have you wanted to combine multiple policies into one for simplicity? This blog post is for you. One of my most…


PSHSummit: Managing PowerShell in the Enterprise Using Group Policy

PowerShell Summit North America 2015 Do you want to meet other people enthused about PowerShell? Do you wish you had access to experts who could answer all of your PowerShell questions… in person? Yes? The PowerShell Summit is your opportunity hosted in the United States and Europe each year. I highly recommend that you follow…


Forensics: Audit Group Policy Links and Changes with PowerShell

Honorary Scripting Guy I would like to thank Ed and Teresa Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy and the Scripting Wife, for bestowing upon me the title of Honorary Scripting Guy. This was a humbling surprise. It has been a joy to share my scripting passion with the community, and I will continue to do so….


GPO Migration with PowerShell – Now including WMI filters

TechMentor Redmond 2014 This week I am presenting a session on GPO migration at TechMentor Redmond 2014. This is an expanded version of the session I gave at the PowerShell Summit back in April. I received feedback in April that WMI filters must be supported before this would be considered a viable solution. So I…


Dude, where’s my GPO? Using PowerShell to find all of your Group Policy links.

Stratego I only played Stratego once as a kid when I was over at a friend’s house. Strategy, challenge and mystery made the game captivating. A few years ago I bought a vintage 1961 edition on eBay so I could teach my sons to play. As it turns out this game has been around for…


Everything you need to get started with Group Policy

My last post on getting started with Active Directory was so popular that I thought I would do one for getting started with Group Policy.  Once again this link list will satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced.  I know there are many other third party resources and books, but I want to surface Microsoft white…


Finally! Copy and merge GPOs! PowerShell saves the day!

UPDATE This script has been updated here.   The Problem I wish I had this script five years ago.  At the time I was searching for a way to combine or merge GPOs, but there simply wasn’t a way to do it.  And today there still isn’t a way to do it… until POWERSHELL!  Almost…