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I am a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft specializing in PowerShell. I use this blog to share scripts that I create in the course of helping customers. I wish I could post every week, but my busy schedule allows me to post once per month. I promise to deliver deep, relevant content based on real-world issues. If you are a Microsoft Premier customer, then I can also visit your company to help you face-to-face.  Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions.


Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer and Honorary Scripting Guy. He helps Microsoft Premier customers achieve more through automation and education. Ashley’s TechNet blog focuses on real-world solutions using Windows PowerShell. On Microsoft Virtual Academy Ashley has a free, one-day course titled "Using PowerShell for Active Directory". He is a frequent speaker at PowerShell events around the United States.

NOTE: Ashley McGlone moved on from Microsoft on September 1, 2017. The blog and content will remain.

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This Sample Code is provided for the purpose of illustration only and is not intended to be used in a production environment.  THIS SAMPLE CODE AND ANY RELATED INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  We grant You a nonexclusive, royalty-free right to use and modify the Sample Code and to reproduce and distribute the object code form of the Sample Code, provided that You agree: (i) to not use Our name, logo, or trademarks to market Your software product in which the Sample Code is embedded; (ii) to include a valid copyright notice on Your software product in which the Sample Code is embedded; and (iii) to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Us and Our suppliers from and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorneys’ fees, that arise or result from the use or distribution of the Sample Code.

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