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Dear readers of the GoateePFE blog,

It is with mixed emotion that I announce after seven years of real-world script blogging this is the final GoateePFE blog post. I have chosen to take the next step in my career with a company outside of Microsoft. My new role will involve automation, security, and customers.

When speaking at conferences it has been a pleasure and honor to meet people impacted by the GoateePFE blog posts and videos. I have enjoyed your Tweets and post comments as well. Please continue to share this content with others when it is helpful.

Thank You

You may not be aware that you have played a significant role in my career. Each review cycle I would give my manager a count of blog visits, demonstrating value delivered to the global community, to you. Sometimes I would include your tweets and comments, validating that I was connecting with real issues and providing real answers. Thanks for reading and sharing in the journey with me.

What will happen to "GoateePFE"?

My TechNet blog will remain for years to come, although I will no longer be able to update it. I will keep the @GoateePFE Twitter handle to maintain contact with the PowerShell community. My PowerShell video content will remain on Microsoft Virtual Academy and the Microsoft Premier video education subscription. My Facebook and GitHub locations will also remain. My next role will contain significant automation responsibilities, so I plan to continue involvement in the PowerShell community on some level.

Career Advice

In this post a few years back I shared some tips for career success. I hope that the content provided on the blog has helped you make your own mark on the world. I firmly believe that community participation is one of the best things you can do to advance your career and advance the industry. Join the conversation.

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Mr. Ashley McGlone


Comments (11)
  1. Fernando Palma says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, all the best in your new position.

    Best regards.

    P.S. You can add Adeus on tags is goodbye in Portuguese 🙂

  2. Thomas Lee says:

    All great things sadly seem to come to an end. I have greatly appreciated your excellent writing, the great topics you examine, and of course the awesome PowerShell content you provide. I shall miss your tweets and blog posts from this life. My very best of luck in your venture. Leaving a great home is hard, but arriving at a new place is exciting and fun. Enjoy the transition and the destination.

  3. I am truly saddened to hear of your decision to leave, and value your helpfulness both personally and broadly. I hope your next career will be as fun and impactful as your last one.

    BTW I love the choice of the post subject. Well done sir.

  4. Oleg says:

    [singing] He’s got the whole world in his hands!

  5. spacenomyous says:

    I always enjoyed your work and wish you the best! I’ll be keeping a lookout for your new posts.

  6. JJ says:

    Sad to see you going, you provided tremendous value to the community, Microsoft and its customers.
    Best of luck Ashley!

  7. Roushan Khan says:

    Tons of thanks for your contribution to community. Blogs and MVA videos were really helpful. Best wishes for your future.

  8. Aatif Kungle says:

    Thank You and Best of luck for your future endeavors always admired your post and videos,learned many cool stuffs.
    I still look at your blog when ever stuck somewhere while working on a problem specially that forensic post for AD group history loved that men.
    once again thanks and best of luck


  9. Thanks for all the great scripts and insights you have provided! I’ll be sure to follow you on fb.

  10. drivenAce says:

    your work lives on! thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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