New, Improved Group Policy Link Report with PowerShell

A peer asked me to update one of my classic Group Policy reporting scripts this week, so I thought I would share the update with y’all. Continuous Improvement Over the years I have released a number of Group Policy scripts. This one shows you all kinds of goodness: GPOs linked to OUs OUs where block-inheritance…


Function to Create Certificate Template in Active Directory Certificate Services for PowerShell DSC and CMS Encryption

Today I’m cleaning out my code closet. I found this script that I have wanted to share for a while now. Problem Active Directory Certificate Services does not include a template for Document Encryption. This is required for DSC credential encryption and the CMS encryption cmdlets. Current processes require manual effort to create the template….


Use Hash Tables To Go Faster Than PowerShell Compare-Object

Compare-Object gotcha down? Slower than my old 300 baud modem? Have no fear. Today we go faster using hash tables. Let me state first that I love the cmdlet Compare-Object, and I have used it many times with great results. But at scale my customer had some serious performance issues. The Problem – “I feel…