Using Credentials with PsDscAllowPlainTextPassword and PsDscAllowDomainUser in PowerShell DSC Configuration Data

Warnings and errors, oh my! If you have written a DSC configuration containing a credential, then you have likely seen error messages about plain text passwords. And recently a warning was added when using domain credentials. In today's post we explain how to handle these appropriately using DSC configuration data. Where is the documentation for…


DevOps for n00bs (ie. Windows people like me)

Tidal Wave: DevOps There is a tidal wave coming to Windows IT Pros, especially those supporting infrastructure. That tidal wave is called DevOps. I’ve spent the last year wiping out in the surf of the tidal wave, trying to learn the lingo. As a Windows ops guy I’ve been attending non-Microsoft events where I feel…


Editorial: Working with Legends, We’re Hiring

Today’s post is an insider’s personal view of working at Microsoft, and some links to help you if you want to join the team. How do you like your job? I love mine. I remember howdy giddy I was as a fresh Microsoft hire in 2010. I spent three weeks at main campus in Redmond…


Links and Demos for PowerShell v5 Production Preview

This is a quick post of links and demos for those who attended the Premier webcast today What’s New in PowerShell v5. Download linked at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! PowerShell landing page WMF 5.0 download link (bits & release notes) Blog links PowerShell gallery link PowerShell team blog What's New…


PowerShell DSC FAQ: Sorting Out Certificates

Hello, everyone. This week I posted over on the PowerShell Team Blog. One of the most common questions I get regarding PowerShell Desired State Configuration is about certificates. What kind do I need? How many? Where do they go? In this blog post we will sort out certificate requirements for PowerShell DSC. You can read…


Links for DevOps Columbus

These are some helpful links for folks new to PowerShell and Desired State Configuration. At the bottom is a bonus section of related *nix links as well. To quote our CEO, “Microsoft loves Linux.” Microsoft Ignite 2015 Conference – DevOps Sessions Microsoft PowerShell Team Blog Download the latest version of PowerShell (WMF) and Release…


Forensics: Automating Active Directory Account Lockout Search with PowerShell (an example of deep XML filtering of event logs across multiple servers in parallel)

Overview Today we learn how to efficiently filter event log queries, going beyond simple event ID filtering into the specific values of the XML message data. Then we will run this filter against multiple servers in parallel for faster data collection. This posts meets the following objectives: Add some efficiencies to my previous popular post…


Let's meet up in North Carolina Monday evening (8/10)

This is a quick announcement that I'll be in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina this coming Monday night, August 10th. I'll be speaking on one of my favorite topics (Active Directory PowerShell) at the Research Triangle PowerShell User Group. Find out more information here. Hope to see you there!


Configuring Active Directory with PowerShell DSC and the New xADRecycleBin Resource

Active Directory and PowerShell DSC Today’s post is the second in a series on using PowerShell DSC with Active Directory. We will demonstrate configuring the AD Recycle Bin and domain trusts with PowerShell Desired State Configuration. As a bonus we will throw in a registry key for some special logging on the domain controller. Continuing…


UPDATED: Copy and Merge Group Policies (GPOs) with PowerShell

  GPO Consolidation Redux Do you have Group Policies gone wild? Did you realize too late that it might not be such a good idea to delegate GPO creation to half the IT department? Have you wanted to combine multiple policies into one for simplicity? This blog post is for you. One of my most…