PowerShell Limericks for St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of all things St. Patrick's Day what could be more appropriate than a PowerShell limerick? I've drafted four for you to enjoy and share.  Use the comment area to vote on your favorite or submit your own.

St. Patrick's Day

There once was an admin from Charlotte
Who didn't understand the cmdlet
   They are verbs and nouns
   Making smiles from frowns
Just TAB and you don't have to spell it

There once was an admin from Tuscon
Who wanted a script for logon
   He was tired of VB
   And Perl is not easy
So PowerShell was the solution

There once was an admin from Denver
Who claimed he wasn't a scripter
   He learned PowerShell
   Now he's coding so well
That his servers all run much swifter

I was scripting way back in September
The object I don't remember
   There was a method and property
   But the names have left me
I guess I could use Get-Member


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Comments (2)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Today's post gives you a script to crawl your file shares and document the AD users and groups referenced in NTFS permissions. I’m sure others have published similar scripts, but I want to approach it from the angle of Active Directory group

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    I vote for Limerick #3!

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