Big Downloads With PowerShell

Personally I do not trust some of the popular 3rd party tools used for big downloads given the nepharious nature of the content people usually download with them.  That leads me to believe that the creators of such tools may not be entirely trustworthy, so I would prefer not to install those tools on my machines. …


PowerShell to automatically create all AD hub-to-spoke site links

So you’ve just finished creating all of the sites in your AD forest, or you’ve chosen to rebuild your site link topology.  You want to create a simple hub-and-spoke site link topology.  You dread all the clicks it will take to create each site link, type the name, and add the member sites.  Enter today’s…


PowerShell Script To Combine DNS Zones

Have you ever wanted to consolidate or merge duplicate primary DNS zones?  This is a common scenario that I find, and usually it is related to reverse zones.  This script functionality is similar to the DNSExporter tool, but it is much simpler to use.  See the script for syntax and notes. # —————————————————————————– # Copy-DNSZone…


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