Changes to Convenience PIN / Windows Hello Behavior in Windows 10 Version 1607

The purpose of this post is to quickly publish details of some changes designed to create distinction of our next generation credential, now called Windows Hello for Business and its associated PIN. If you are currently managing an enterprise computing environment utilizing Windows 10 with Windows Hello then you should read this article to determine…


WSUS Syncs Metadata, but Doesn’t Download Updates

Recently, I visited a customer who was having some challenges getting WSUS to synchronize with the public Windows Update service. While the fix is fairly straightforward, there isn’t a lot of information around on this topic and was hard to find when doing Internet searches, so I’m documenting this here. In this particular case, this…


PSA – Known issue regarding Sysprep failing on Windows 10 image build & capture

There’s a known issue where sysprep fails (machine freezes or BSOD intermittently – SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ) on Windows 10 when running on Hyper-V hardware. You would most commonly run across this issue when trying to prepare your image after running through a build-and-capture task sequence, usually using MDT. The cause is almost always an issue with…


Pimp my Windows 10 – Business Customization Reference

This post serves to document the common asks from customers regarding what can and cannot be customized in Windows 10. Please check back regularly and share this post with others as I’ll be continuing to update it. Last updated August 2016 for Windows 10, Version 1607 – You’ll see (New!) in sections that contain new content….


Jargon Busting: Azure AD Join, MDM Enrolment & Add Account

The terms used to describe MDM and cloud account sign in and management have evolved and changed over time from the original terms used in Windows 8. This post’s purpose is to give you the low-down on the options available to you in Windows 10, Version 1511 and onwards. They have had many names and…


Windows 10 Device Guard and Credential Guard Demystified

While helping Windows Enterprise customers deploy and realize the benefits of Windows 10, I’ve observed there’s still a lot of confusion regarding the security features of the operating system. This is a shame since some of the key benefits of Windows 10 involve these deep security features. This post serves to detail the Device Guard…


Windows Enterprise Client Boot and Logon Optimization

Hi folks, My colleague Mark Renoden has been writing an excellent multi-part series on how to optimise your enterprise clients for performance. If this is something that is of interest to you, check it out here: Really well written & covers the basics from the beginning – definitely worth the time investment to read!


Interesting Windows hotfixes/updates for April

Folks, just a quick note about the following updates that you might find interesting from a Windows Devices perspective: Update to support copying .mkv files to Windows Phone from a computer that is running WindowsOK so this isn't a major one; but does fall under the 'interesting' category. This update, available via Windows Update, will…


When Offline Files Attack!!!

Offline Files is one of those features that, when configured correctly can be of huge benefit to user experience, particularly for mobile computers. However, it also a source of problems when not configured correctly. Check out this post for one of the common ‘gotchas’ As per my other posts, rather then reinventing the wheel I’ll…


Deploying DirectAccess – Notes from the field

DirectAccess is one of those technologies that when deployed right, can deliver a huge benefit to users. Unfortunately, when deployed not-so-right things can go awry fairly quickly. In my role I get to perform health checks on customer deployments of DirectAccess on a regular basis, and wanted to share the top issues and recommendations I…