PSA – Known issue regarding Sysprep failing on Windows 10 image build & capture

There's a known issue where sysprep fails (machine freezes or BSOD intermittently - SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ) on Windows 10 when running on Hyper-V hardware. You would most commonly run across this issue when trying to prepare your image after running through a build-and-capture task sequence, usually using MDT.

The cause is almost always an issue with the Legacy Network Adapter device type, which you might have used to enable PXE booting from inside the VM. To work around this issue, you should use Generation 2 VMs or Generation 1 VMs with non-legacy adapters (the standard adapter type).

Note that if you are running with Gen 1 VMs and don’t use Legacy Adapters, you can't PXE boot - meaning you'll need to boot to an ISO or some other mechanism if you'll need that for your Windows 10 build.

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  1. Juke says:

    I ran into this problem (Server 2k8 R2) and removed the Legacy card (in the Machine config and in the Guest OS Win10), but the error persists. What are my options now?

    1. Paul Hoff says:

      Had same issue until I enabled hyper-V on Win10 desktop and built reference image on this system. Once complete ran navigated to my MDT server (running on 2k8 R2 ) and ran litetouch.wsf and image syspreped and captured with out incident. Follow:

      1. Juke says:

        That does not help. If you’re using Win10 als Hyper V Host, your’re already using a Gen 2 Hyper V. I’m on W2k Server R2.

  2. Paul Hoff says:

    Used Hyper-V native on Windows 10 to build reference image did not have any issues. MDT server is on 2008 R2 still

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