Windows Enterprise Client Boot and Logon Optimization

Hi folks, My colleague Mark Renoden has been writing an excellent multi-part series on how to optimise your enterprise clients for performance. If this is something that is of interest to you, check it out here: Really well written & covers the basics from the beginning – definitely worth the time investment to read!


Windows 10 and Device Limits for Store Apps

Just a quick PSA to get the word out there as I've had a few questions today about this issue. If you're seeing errors or receiving emails that your device limit for the Store has been reached, this may very well be why! Background When we first launched Windows 8, users were able to associate…


Friendly Reminder: Get off FRS now!

As mentioned in my last post, the need for environments to move away from FRS replicating SYSVOL is getting more and more pressing. This article serves as a friendly reminder to: 1. Check if you've moved to using DFSR for SYSVOL replication 2. Migrate to DFSR if you haven't yet! First, some backstory. In the…


DirectAccess Unsupported Scenarios Updated

Hi folks, Often we get the questions around what is or is not supported for DirectAccess implementations. Although not well known, we do maintain an article that lists the unsupported configurations. You can find this here – It's timely to point this out as we've just updated this to include a new unsupported scenario, and…


Interesting Windows hotfixes/updates for April

Folks, just a quick note about the following updates that you might find interesting from a Windows Devices perspective: Update to support copying .mkv files to Windows Phone from a computer that is running WindowsOK so this isn't a major one; but does fall under the 'interesting' category. This update, available via Windows Update, will…


DirectAccess Design and Deployment Considerations

DirectAccess is one of those technologies that can be a very powerful thing – having seamless remote access can change the way your users work remotely. However, finding where to get started can be a little tricky. In this post, I’ll walk you through the kinds of design and deployment decisions you’ll need to consider…