When Offline Files Attack!!!

Offline Files is one of those features that, when configured correctly can be of huge benefit to user experience, particularly for mobile computers. However, it also a source of problems when not configured correctly. Check out this post for one of the common ‘gotchas’ As per my other posts, rather then reinventing the wheel I’ll…


(Don’t) Set or Save Passwords Using Group Policy Preferences

Group Policy Preferences provides immensely powerful ways to manage PCs and users and their settings. However, a dangerous situation exists with the manner in which Group Policy Preferences stores passwords that you save in GPOs. It’s really important that you read this post if you are: Setting local user passwords via Group Policy Have configured…


Windows Phone 8.1 in the Enterprise [TechEd AU]

At TechEd Australia, I presented on Windows Phone and it’s role in the enterprise. I covered our MDM story (including MDM support in Windows and InTune) and showed the audience how to quickly get started managing Windows Phones. I also demonstrated some of the key reasons why you should choose Windows Phone from a support…


Apologies, and quick plug for TechEd Sydney

Firstly, apologies for not posting lately, TechEd and customer work has been taking up my time. I’ve got some great posts lined up that I’ll finish and post soon. Secondly, I wanted to make sure you’re all aware that TechEd Sydney, Australia kicks off in a few weeks. If you haven’t got tickets yet, check…


Premier Field Engineering at TechEd AU

G’day folks! Just a reminder that TechEd Australia is fast approaching. So, if you’re thinking of attending, make sure you check out all the details (including registration at): http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/teched/default.aspx Also, be sure to add the following two sessions presented by Microsoft Premier Field Engineering to your calendar: Ian, George & Matt – ConfigMgrDogs troubleshoot ConfigMgr…


Managing RID Pool Depletion with Windows Server 2008 R2 in the Mix

I visited a customer recently that had an issue with RID depletion. While there is fairly good documentation on this already (see below for all the links you need), I decided to write this post to document some of the more practical aspects as well as serve as a starting place to manage RID depletion,…


Deploying DirectAccess – Notes from the field

DirectAccess is one of those technologies that when deployed right, can deliver a huge benefit to users. Unfortunately, when deployed not-so-right things can go awry fairly quickly. In my role I get to perform health checks on customer deployments of DirectAccess on a regular basis, and wanted to share the top issues and recommendations I…


Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog. I'll be using this space to write down anything I feel the community could benefit from, particularly in the areas of Windows (client and server), and Azure IaaS. I'll also be talking about technologies as part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) such as Azure Active Directory Premium and InTune. Thanks!