Latest Chart Hang Fix is in KB 981047

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The Office 2007 cumulative updates (CU) for April 2010 were released recently and contain the latest fix for the chart crashing. It's only targeted towards one issue but contains the previous hotfixes as well (hence the term cumulative updates).

This knowledge base article has the description of the hotfix


There's two known tricks can try if you are still seeing the problem:

1. Try setting the processor affinity to use one CPU
Launch PowerPoint 2007. Open Task Manager, right click POWERPNT.EXE under Processes Tab, click Set Affinity and turn off all CPUs except CPU0 and then check the behavior.


2. Insert the slide deck into a new file using Reuse Slides command
Close all PowerPoint files. Create a new file, delete the first slide so there are no slides, then go to Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide drop down, click Reuse Slides..., click Browse..., Browse File... select the file you were using when the problem occurred and Open. Right-click on one of the slides on the right and click Insert All Slides... (this inserts your file into a new file, this sometimes helps with file corruption or formatting issues)


If this doesn't fix the problem please post a comment with the PowerPoint version, build #, and most importantly the exact steps you take to get to the problem (PowerPoint Not Responding) (hang). Please attempt to recreate the problem on a new blank file without any template applied (or default template). If this issue is important, urgent, critical, etc... and you demand a fix please contact customer service to open a support incident at 800-MICROSOFT or online at

Comments (7)

  1. Aaron Rykhus says:

    We're working on the problem. There was a problem with the backend server with this hotfix and we've currently investigating. This also affects the system we have access to internally so contacting us for this particular hotfix 981047 won't help until we resolve the backend issue. In the meantime trying the hotfix…/2028572 or…/983315 should resolve the chart crashing issue.

  2. Aaron Rykhus says:


    The link worked for me

  3. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Hi Justin,

    Try the June verstion of the hotfix. It's…/2028572. If that doesn't work uninstall the hotfix through add/remove programs and try…/983315. I'm not sure what happened to the older one but I'll investigate.

    For more information on uninstalling hotfixes see…/903771.

    PS: If you can't download a hotfix publically online via the KB article you can call 800-MICROSOFT and request the hotfix from customer service free of charge.

  4. Ran says:

    thanks for the tip on this – was crashing every minute or two whenever I tried to modify my dozens of excel charts for my poster.

    This has greatly reduced the crashes and I can now edit my graphs without fear that a single touch will lock up PPT…… whew!

  5. justin says:

    Many many many many many many thanks!! From an ever happy Microsoft customer.

  6. justin says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I can't seem to be able to download this hotfix. I get a page that says "The KB article has no public hotfixes. Please contact support if you need immediate assistance."

    Any suggestions?

  7. von says:

    I've tried to download the hotfix, but it says "The system is currently unavailable. Please try back later, or contact support if you want immediate assistance."

    is there any other way to get a fix now?

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