2007 Chart Crashes or Hangs after Office 2007 SP2 or Feb/April CU Applied

WE MOVED!!! See this post on our new blog for the latest on this issue.

An issue has recently been discovered in PowerPoint 2007 where the application will hang while working with a 2007 chart object (not the legacy MS Graph chart). The PowerPoint product team is aware of this issue and a fix is planned for the August timeframe.  Please be advised this date can change based on a number of factors. 


The hang occurs as a result of the following behaviors after installing Service Pack 2:

1.       Clicking very fast multiple times in a chart object

2.       Using the arrow keys on the keyboard to quickly navigate through the object

3.       Quickly copying and pasting entire charts or chart elements


The error signature for this hang may include references to OfficeLifeBoatHang as the Event Type.


There's an updated hotfix, the KB article is:



To get the hotfix click on  View and request hotfix downloads at top of that KB article, accept terms, fill out form and submit.

Comments (55)

  1. Aaron Rykhus says:

    The KB article should be here early this week. We should still be letting you submit a support case on this even without a KB article #, unless I’m missing something. If you still can’t get through to support use the Email link (http://blogs.technet.com/arykhus/contact.aspx) on the upper left hand side of this blog to send me an E-mail and I’ll look into it.

    Aaron Rykhus

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Corporation

  2. Aaron Rykhus says:

    There’s not an alternate download site but you could contact support at 800-MICROSOFT and ask for hotfix KB975021. No support charges should apply if you are simply requesting a hotfix.

  3. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Office Professional Plus shouldn’t prohibit you from installing the hotfix. If you have SP2 then the installation could be corrupt. What’s the error message you are getting?

    The person 14 comments before your comment got it working by deleting the subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice from the registry. I don’t recommend that but if you are comfortable modifying the registry I’d recommend renaming the Office subkey in the registry instead. That holds all the Office machine-wide settings.

    There’s also a KB on troubleshooting updates.


  4. Aaron Rykhus says:

    What is the build of PowerPoint if you click on the Office Button in PowerPoint, click on PowerPoint Options, and click Resources? The build number is under ‘about Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007’.

  5. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Nothing I’m aware of for 2003 crashing while working on charts. I also just searched the knowledgebase (http://support.microsoft.com) for the words ‘powerpoint 2003 chart crash hotfix’ and don’t find any hotfixes for crashes.

    You could get the crash signature and bucket ID from the computer’s Application Log, look for Source=Application Error, Event ID=1000, and in the details the application name=Powerpnt.exe at the time of the crash.

    If the user hit Send Reports to Microsoft (or if it’s configured automatically) right above the Application Error 1000 event there should be a Source=Windows Error Reporting, Event ID=1001 with fault bucket number in the details.

    Before getting that though it would be good to find out if it’s not just file specific and if it was working before, what changed…etc… Also, what are they doing to get the crash?

  6. girts says:

    Crash continue on Office 2007 with SP2 and crashing is kernel32.dll.

    Is this problem solved or Microsoft is stil working???

    975021 don’t help becuase no updates with kernel32.dll file update and fix!!!!

    Please Microsoft check:

    Problem is in kernel32.dll!!!!!!

    Please respond because I have to manage more than 160 computers now and this bug is super critical!

  7. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Have you tried http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976479

    If that doesn’t work contact support at 800-MICROSOFT or submit a ticket online at http://support.microsoft.com/oas

  8. Aaron Rykhus says:

    You could try disabling add-ins. Or just completely uninstalling Office and re-installing. As I mentioned if you need further assistance contact support at 800-MICROSOFT or http://support.microsoft.com.

  9. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Try the KB article link now, it should be working again.

  10. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Do you have any standalone Office applications installed such as Visio, Project, Expression Web, or SharePoint Designer? If those standalone apps aren’t patched to SP1 or SP2 then that’s what’s causing the hotfix to error out.

    For the other issue, if you are still seeing the problem after applying the hotfix you will need to open a support ticket with us.


  11. Aaron Rykhus says:

    We recently released the April cumulative updates for Office 2007. The hotfix described in KB981047 has the latest fix with the previous ones. The latest fix is an issue with copying charts.

    You can download the 981047 hotfix here:


    You need Office 2007 SP1 or SP2 installed for the hotfix to install.

  12. Aaron Rykhus says:

    If you are still having crashing on charts after the hotfix is applied you’ll need to contact support at 800-MICROSOFT or http://support.microsoft.com/oas.

  13. Aaron Rykhus says:

    Yes, see our new blog for an updated post on this issue:


  14. Aaron Rykhus says:


    I checked and it looks very similar to a bug we’re tracking and currently testing a fix for. I’ll post back if we come out with a hotfix.


  15. Aaron Rykhus says:

    ProPlus should qualify, actually, as long as it’s 2007 SP1 or SP2 it should work. The suite level shouldn’t matter. If you have SP1 or SP2 and still get the error, try repairing Office, or uninstall/reinstall. If you need assistance you should be able to get support (800-MICROSOFT) at no cost from us since it’s an install issue, those are typically no cost if they’re still in mainstream support, which Office 2007 is.

    Aaron Rykhus

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Corporation

  16. Aaron Rykhus says:

    I get the same problem. It’s been reported.

  17. Aaron Rykhus says:

    I haven’t heard of this crash in 2010. Are you getting the crash to occur in 2010 when copying and pasting charts or when doing something else?

  18. Aaron Rykhus says:

    We now have a hotfix that you need to contact support to obtain, 800-MICROSOFT or http://support.microsoft.com/oas, you won’t be charged if you’re just requesting the hotfix.

    Aaron Rykhus

    Support Engineer, Microsoft

  19. Guy Whistler says:

    We are experiencing this also.  However, when we uninstall SP2 it just causes other stability issues. For example we can then not copy and paste a chart from one pptx to another without Powerpoint hanging or crashing.

    Is there any update on a hotfix?

  20. Matt says:

    No Aaaron, disabling add-ins doesn’t resolve the issue.  Considering that seemingly a lot of people have that issue, it sounds sort of silly to suggest that each single person should contact MS for support of an issue that they are not able to fix.  Sorry if I sound snappy, but let’s be honest: this is a major bug since for many users it renders the product useless and instead of talking to people on the phone finding workarounds like disabling add-ins (which we need), MS should rather work on resolving the issue.

  21. Robert says:

    We have same issue here.

    It’s not related to document size and type of content.

    It can be easly reproduced by opening blank presentation, inserting default chart with default data suggested by PPT and then clicking fast inside chart, selecting and/or moving objects belonging to chart.

    PPT would freeze after several clicks.

  22. Antonio Bravo says:

    when is this going to be fixed????? I have lost a lot of work due to this problem.  I know a lot of people with the same problem.  


  23. jim says:

    I hate you for this. This makes my life miserable.

  24. BV says:

    Yes I completely agree. I don’t know why this is taking so long to fix, this is a MAJOR bug! It’s good to know at least I’m not the only one with this problem and that is known by Microsoft but there seriously needs to be something done to fix this issue. I have re-run powerpoint (on a good day) about 40-50 times!

  25. L Fitzgerald says:

    Office 2007, SP3 — Experiencing same crash issues described.  Ran Diagnostics, installed all updates, the usual.

    Concur about multiple, quick clicking and use of arrow keys to navigate. I’ve had days where I’ve crashed at least 30 times.  

    Microsoft:  please fix.

  26. L Fitzgerald says:

    Office 2007, SP2 — Experiencing same crash issues described.  Ran Diagnostics, installed all updates, the usual.

    Concur about multiple, quick clicking and use of arrow keys to navigate. I’ve had days where I’ve crashed at least 30 times.  

    Microsoft:  please fix.

  27. DR says:

    What is the KB number for the hotfix? I have contacted support and they don’t know what I’m asking for without a KB to reference.

  28. mike says:

    I ran into the same issue, being asked for a kb number I did not have. But on my second phone call the microsoft rep put me on hold and did some investigating. I was sent kb975021, so try asking for that.

  29. Nancy Dickson says:

    THANK YOU Aaron! I just installed KB975021 and it fixed the problem on my XP box. This is such a relief.

  30. John Q says:

    I tried installing the hotfix and it says the product it was looking for wasn’t installed.

    Does this hotfix not apply to users of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus? Because customers that paid for this product are having this problem and losing time and money as well.

  31. John Q says:


    Hotfix for Office (KB975021)


    The expected version of the product was not found on the system.




    This is on Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 with SP2.

    I tried just re-installing it with SP1 and got the same message.

    Not sure if I should call Microsoft support on this…

  32. John Q says:

    I installed the Hotfix for a user on Microsoft Office Standard 2007 here and it installed fine (she was getting the crash as well and the hotfix fixed it).

    I still have a user (our VP Corp Controller of course) who’s crashing due to it. Will Microsoft support give me a different hotfix or troubleshoot the existing installation of his MS Office Pro Plus 2007 so the Hotfix will detect it?

  33. John Q says:

    I did contact Microsoft, they said we’d need a service agreement for free support on this incident (for Professional Plus). Otherwise it’s about $250.

    We have an enterprise agreement so I’ll try with that.

  34. John Q says:

    It looks like MS wouldn’t provide any free tech support for Professional Plus. Tried providing our Enterprise Agreement # for tech support but it is not honored for tech support; it’s merely a number that represents a volume licensing agreement.

  35. John Q says:

    I will try installing the individual Applications from our Office 2007 Enterprise setup files and post my results.

  36. John Q says:

    Unfortunately I do not have any other stand alone apps. I’ve completely uninstalled all of Office, ran CCleaner, rebooted, tried reinstalling just Standard 2007, rebooting, then installing hotfix, still doesn’t detect it. that is so strange. i repeated the process with 2007 professional plus and nothing.

    Looks like we’ll need to reformat the whole PC. A service call per incident cost more than the entire product.

  37. John Q says:

    I was able to install hotfix.

    I had to go into add/remove programs, show updates, and uninstall EVERY update to Office, as well as the suite.

    Then deleted the office key out of the software > Microsoft under HKLM. Then i rebooted, reinstalled Office 2007 Professional Plus (w/ sp2), rebooted, then was able to install the Hotfix.


    Hotfix for Office (KB975021)


    The installation is complete.




  38. Bobby Campbell says:

    The hotfix won’t install if you also have the PowerPoint viewer installed.  Remove the viewer, and you should be fine.  However, when we installed the Hotfix to stop the graph "crashing" issue, we started noticing that text boxes no longer line up properly.  That is, text boxes created on a system with the Hotfix line up differently than on systems that do not have the Hotfix installed.

  39. Cap says:

    Hi, I went to download the hotfix but I got this: Hotfix Request

    The system is currently unavailable. Please try back later, or contact support if you want immediate assistance.http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/?ws=support. Is there an alternative site to download this file? Thanks.

  40. Al says:

    Thanks for the posts, Aaron!  I was able to fix my ppt with the Hotfix.  

    Oddly enough, one of my coworkers who has ppt 2003 is also crashing.  So far, everything I’ve seen has indicated that it’s only machines with 2007 that are having issues.  Have you heard of any fixes for computers with 2003?

  41. fred says:

    Just stumbled on this thread in trying to find solutions to same issue.  Several colleagues and I had serious problems with this over the past few days.  Just recreated it by creating a document from scratch with a chart.  Seems to particularly happen with 2 documents open and copying slides between documents – eventually will crash or start not copying properly which will lead to a crash on exit.

    Are others still having this problem?

    Any suggestions beyond KB975021 which we have installed?


  42. Will Harris says:

    I have been having this exact problem, along with several other users in my office.  We are on different laptop makes (Toshiba, Sony) and different OS (Vista, Win7).  But having the same issue – multiple clicks on a graph object causes ppt (and excel if chart data is open) to hang sometimes – normally following two clicks that are  close together.

    This was happening as often as every 5 minutes, and made PPT unusable.

    I have installed KB975021 yesterday, and have not had the same problem since.  however i have had two major crashes since then (never before) when using ppt, where application froze, I was able to switch windows and move mouse but not access any application, or start the task manager.  After leaving for several minutes, power button reset was only solution.

    is this a symptom/byproduct of the bug fix.  I am recommending the other guys try the bugfix

  43. Tod Skiles says:

    I have tested this hotfix fairly extensively on XP, Vista, and 7 and it has resolved the issue on all of them.  However it causes another issue.  If anything changes with the chart while it is being displayed in a slideshow, the entire animation sequence for the slide restarts.  In practice, this occurs when a chart is linked to an external data source and the underlying data is modified.  You can reproduce the behavior by following these steps:

    1. First you need to be working on a system with dual monitors in extended desktop view so that you can display the slideshow on a secondary monitor while changing the slide contents on the primary monitor.

    2. New blank presentation

    3. Insert a slide with a bulleted list and a chart

    4. Add entrance animations for both

    5. Start the slideshow and build everything onto the screen.

    6. Right-click on the chart in the main PowerPoint edit window (not the slideshow)and select "edit data"

    7. At this point you should have noticed everything has disappeared from the slide on your slideshow monitor.

    8. Click back on the slideshow and you’ll notice that you are back to the beginning of the animation sequence and have to rebuild the slide.

  44. justme says:

    Still not fixed. WHAT’S TAKING THEM SO LONG???

  45. John D. says:

    I’m having the issue where this hotfix won’t install because I have Office Pro Plus. I read some other posts with the same problem. Has that been resolved?

  46. Eric says:

    All updates including KB976479 & KB975021 have been applied and i can still duplicate the problem.  When i disable a core on the PC it seems to work a little bit better but i can still get a crash…  I have just office 2007 professional.  I get kernel32 errors, mso.dll errors, and my most recent by disabling a core ogl.dll error…  

    This problem is very easy to duplicate and i have had it for a year now.

  47. Eric says:

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (12.0.6519.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000).

    What i do to recreate the problem: Open Powerpoint insert a chart (default values).  Copy chart Open New PowerPoint and paste chart into new window.  Switch between the two Power Points over and over, it will eventually crash..  Problem is sometimes it can crash within the first switchover, it seems to vary.  I have also tried changing my printer over to the XPS printer, because i always hear about that when troubleshooting office 2007 issue.

  48. Eric says:

    hmm i posted a few days ago but never came up..

    Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007 (12.0.6519.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000)

  49. Eric says:

    Thanks, Looking forward to your response.

  50. Luis Chanco says:

    I was able to replicate the same event (crash) that eric documented.  

    I have the same build (Office 2007 SP2).

    It is too unstable still, even in 2010.  I have removed it and went back to just MSO.  No problems as of yet.  

    Office 2007 SP2 Removal Tool:


  51. Luis Chanco says:


    I copied a graph chart from a new blank presentation to another new blank presentation, and then switched back and forth with the mouse cursor.  Eventually, (what felt like 20+ times) it crashed PowerPoint 07.  

    This does not occur in MSO, and possibly not in SP1.   It seems to be only isolated to SP2.  

    Previously, back in March 09, I did have issues with chart objects crashing PowerPoint 07 when the charts were moved by the arrow keys rapidly (or even slowly).  The KB975021 hotfix apparently stopped that.  After that, we’ve had other related issues, but it’s hard to get specifics from end-users 😀

    Once I removed SP2, everyone was peachy keen.

  52. Steven says:

    OK, update for everyone. I was having the same issues as everyone, but removing the software on 300+ machine was not a option.

    I noticed that a number of people mentioned about ‘Other Software’ stopping the install.

    I removed ‘Compatibility pack for office 2007’ and rebooted and hey presto it worked.

    I hope this helps someone in the same boat as me!

  53. John says:

    I simply wanted to say THANK YOU for this information. I was going insane having my graphs crash in powerpoint every minute.

    Finally, I can get some work done again!!! 😀

  54. Nikita Panov says:

    Is "981047 hotfix" the final fix, which solves the problem?

  55. Nikita Panov says:

    Is "981047 hotfix" the final fix, which solves the problem?

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