Install WSS/MOSS on Windows Server 2008 R2

WSS/MOSS RTM & SP1 is not supported on WS2008 R2. It is supported with SP2 though. More information can be found at


Sharepoint Templates for Healthcare healthcare domain templates for sharepoint, could be found in the above link.


Import from XLS into SQL Server

Importing from an XLS to SQL Server – This can be accomplished several ways mentioned below. We can choose an option befitting the environment and requirement we are looking for. • SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) • SQL Server linked servers • SQL Server distributed queries…


Web Deployment Projects

VS.Net 2005 provides options of Copy website and Publish website, which was not present in its predecessor. While these two functionalities are ideal for most cases, web deployment projects give advanced support to the developers, giving them more control over the assembly naming, customizing the connection string etc.,   For more information on web deployment…


Sharepoint Solution Installer

Installing a solution in SharePoint has just become easy. We used to run the stsadm tool to deploy the wsp file into the solution store and then activate it either to a farm or a site collection. This would be a tedious process for any beginner in SharePoint as things were done in the console…


Sharepoint Templates – Types

The following are the different templates that are available for sharepoint Template Name Description GLOBAL#0  Global template (1033) STS#0  Team Site (1033) STS#1  Blank Site (1033) STS#2  Document Workspace (1033) MPS#0  Basic Meeting Workspace (1033) MPS#1  Blank Meeting Workspace (1033) MPS#2  Decision Meeting Workspace (1033) MPS#3  Social Meeting Workspace (1033) MPS#4  Multipage Meeting Workspace (1033)…


OpenNewWindow – Small web page – Not a popup.

Was wondering for a while about how to show certain tips to the customers in my web application, which is a touch more than the normal tooltip. Well, you would be thinking about that too. The answer is here. You can perform this using the following Use a image button on your screen with any…


Sharepoint Coding Standards

The following are few critical guidelines to be followed in sharepoint solution development.   1) Switching ON and OFF the AllowUnsafeUpdates option, as and when appropriately. 2) Disposing the SPSite objects after usage. 3) Disposing the SPWeb objects after usage. 4) Avoid disposing objects derived from SPContext. 5) Try the “Using” clause – to avoid…