Download the PowerShell Management module for Hyper-V

The PowerShell management module for Hyper-V contains about 100 cmdlets that will let you manage your Hyper-V infrastructure by using scripts. Out of the box you can only manage this through WMI and we all know that WMI is not so user friendly. The PowerShell module is available onto codeplex


We are listening to customer feedback

One of the shortcomings in Windows Server Core is the possibility to change the network order or bindings in an easy way. The only way to do it is through the registry key. After we received some feedback from our customers one of the Hyper-V team members decided to write a tool called NVSPBind. NVSPBind…


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Just Got Easy – Download Now

  Optimize for and more! Increase Website Traffic and Revenue Analyze your website and find ways to boost your number of hits. Use SEO recommendations to improve traffic and increase your revenue stream. Influence and Update Search Engines Control the access and display of your content in search results. Keep search engines current with the…


How Quest Workspace adds value to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VDI

In this session you will learn about how Quest vWorkspace adds value to Microsoft Remote Desktops Services (Terminal Services) as well as Microsoft VDI environments. Quest vWorkspace is the next generation solution by the Quest Desktop Virtualization Group for provisioning, deploying, and managing enterprise desktop infrastructures. By supporting and integrating with several key Microsoft virtualization…


Free E-Book: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions from Microsoft Press is available as a FREE download.  This 15MB E-Book is over 400 pages long, so it is quite comprehensive. It covers all current Microsoft Virtualization technologies  even the newest, such as the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), and VDI. Definitely a worthwhile addition to your library. Synopsys This…


How to boot from a VHD with Windows 7

One of the new functionalities of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is that you can boot directly from a VHD file. Next to that you will also be able to natively create and mount VHD files using either the diskpart command or the Diskmanagement mmc console. In this post I”ll explain to you…


TechDays Pre-Conference completed

  The TechDays registration is open for a while now and many of you registered so far but there is still room to accommodate more IT Pro’s. In this post I want to highlight the Pre-Conference which will be a full day about Windows Server 2008 R2 with some great speakers including myself 🙂  …


Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Beta released

We just release Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Beta the next version of Hyper-V Server  which is our Standalone Hypervisor based Server Virtualization offering. The Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 contains additional functionality compared to the Hyper-V Server. We’ve included the following capabilities: Failover Clustering Live Migration Support up to 1TB of memory   Have a look…


Hyper-V: Virtual Machine Bus cannot find enough resources

A few weeks ago my colleague installed Hyper-V onto her laptop and she copied one of her Virtual Machines onto this server. When she booted the server there where some issues with the virtual machine, the main issue was that the vmbus technology was not available. After a bit of troubleshooting I find out where…


Events: IT-Talks: “The ultimate secure domain controller”

IT-Talks: “The ultimate secure domain controller” In december IT-Talks and Winsec run a joint event on Windows 2008 Security. During this event we will focus on Windows 2008 Active Directory while zooming in on  AD security, RODC deployment, server core and bitlocker The event will be split in 2 parts: IT-Short talk and Full day…