TechEd IT Professionals – Day 4 Interviewing Mark Minasi and Mark Russinovich

Alex de Jong from NGN is shooting video’s at TechEd IT Professional and share what the attendees are experiencing at the event. On the fourth day of the event he interviewed one of the candidates of Speaker Idol. Further in this video you will also see an interview with two of the event’s top speakers,…


TechEd IT Professional – Day 2 Interview with Richard Campbell and Me

Alex de Jong from NGN is shooting video’s at TechEd IT Professional and share what the attendees are experiencing at the event. On the second day he interviewed with Richard Campbell ( and with myself being a track owner for the Windows Server track.     Technorati Tags: Richard Campbell,RunAsRadio


TechEd IT Professional EMEA: Security Track Top 5

I continue my series of Top 5 sessions at TechEd IT Professional with the Security track who is owned by Michael Anderberg and Michael Kalbe Do These Ten Things Now or Else Get 0wn3d! New to information security? Or been around so long that you feel your skills need lubricating? Well, then don’t just sit…


TechEd IT Professional EMEA: Identity and Access Management Top 5

Previously I shared the Top 5 of the client and the Windows Server track now it’s time to talk about Identity and Access management owned by Gary Williams Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Cloud Services Learn how to augment your existing IT infrastructure with Microsoft Services. Manage and secure end user access to cloud services…


TechEd IT Professional EMEA: Client Track Top 5

In my previous post I shared the Top 5 of my track (Windows Server) now it’s time to talk about the Windows Client track which is owned by my colleague Lutz Seidemann. Lutz decided not to add any Windows 7 session to his Top 5 but I’m pretty sure that some of them will be…


TechEd IT Professional EMEA: Windows Server Track

With the TechEd IT Professional EMEA  coming closer I wanted to start share some of the top sessions in different tracks in this first post I will share with you what I think will be the 5 best rated or attended sessions in my track:   Windows Server 2008R2 Hyper-V: Feature Dive Want to get…


TechNet Spotlight: TechEd IT Professionals 2008 Videos

TechEd IT Professionals 2008- Available Videos TechEd IT  Professionals 2008 Event Page: Links to Session Videos: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Susan Sauls Intro to SQL Server Data Services,  Soumitra Sengupta The Spy Who Hacked Me! , Alex Smolen, Rudolph Araujo How Microsoft SQL Server Helps You to Lower Your Cost of Storage, Torsten…


Virtualization Solution Accelerators

Here is a list of the different Virtualization Solution Accelerators we have at Microsoft: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 for Hyper-V and App-V – Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides for Hyper-V, App-V and SCVMM 2008 Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Security Compliance Management Tool Windows Server 2008 Security Guide…


Back from TechReady 7 in Seattle

I just spent the last 11 days in Seattle where I attended some internal meetings and most of all TechReady 7. TechReady is an internal technical training event for Microsoft employees, you can compare it with TechEd but then for Microsoft employees only. During Techready we can choose between more than 840 sessions delivered by more…