Download the PowerShell Management module for Hyper-V

The PowerShell management module for Hyper-V contains about 100 cmdlets that will let you manage your Hyper-V infrastructure by using scripts. Out of the box you can only manage this through WMI and we all know that WMI is not so user friendly. The PowerShell module is available onto codeplex


Latest community Chopsticks video’s

The Belgian community is pretty much alive and beside organizing quite a lot of events they also create chopsticks video’s. With this blogpost I wanted to share with you what community based video’s we have put online lately: UAC and the need for two user accounts? In this session Tom will illustrate why the Microsoft…


TechNet Spotlight: TechEd IT Professionals 2008 Videos

TechEd IT Professionals 2008- Available Videos TechEd IT  Professionals 2008 Event Page: Links to Session Videos: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Susan Sauls Intro to SQL Server Data Services,  Soumitra Sengupta The Spy Who Hacked Me! , Alex Smolen, Rudolph Araujo How Microsoft SQL Server Helps You to Lower Your Cost of Storage, Torsten…


Windows PowerShell 2.0 Community Technology Preview

Release Highlights This is a summary list of features added for the CTP of Windows PowerShell 2.0.  More descriptions are found in the "What’s New in Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP" link below, in the Release Notes and in the “about” files that ship with the release. Compatibility with PowerShell 1.0 PowerShell Remoting Background Jobs ScriptCmdlets…


Some PowerShell Stuff

Recently I received a mail from one of my colleagues with some links to PowerShell stuff. I just wanted to share them with you. PowerGui has been available for quite some time now and the new release includes a script editor now, they call it "NotePad for PowerShell" This editor has all you would expect:…


Interesting Links

Going through the blogs I’m reading I wanted to share the following links with you. Windows Mobile: Version 2 of Windows Live Search for Mobile was released. There are versions for Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and above, J2ME, and Blackberry. Windows Vista: According to Mary Jo Foley a preview of Windows Vista Service…


PowerShell and Group Policy Administration

Did you know that you can use PowerShell scripting to enhance the Group Policy administration? Me neither until I read the nice article “Simplifying Group Policy Administration with Windows PowerShell” In this article you will discover how to use the GPMC API’s to manage the GPO through Windows PowerShell. There is one example that really…


HPC:: Windows Compute Cluster has now PowerShell support

Last week the Compute Cluster (HPC) group released their Microsoft Compute Cluster Toolpack. (Download Here) The Toolpack consist out of three tools: Cluster monitoring tool to visualize the cluster utilization. MPIPingPong.exe to verify if all the nodes and network in the cluster are functional. A PowerShell snap-in to manage your cluster through PowerShell 🙂 Here…


Free book Introduction into Windows Powershell

It has been a while since I received a mail (still behind on mails) from my fellow Evangelist from Switzerland Frank Koch and I wanted to share this with you. He has written a 44pages book about Windows Powershell. If you don’t have the time to absorb any other 400 – 500 pages book on PowerShell…


Longhorn:: 10 Reasons to look at Windows Longhorn Part 2: PowerShell

PowerShell is our newest and coolest command line shell and scripting language. It is built on the .Net Framework and introduces features that enable command-line users and script writers to leverage the power of that foundation. It introduces a number of powerful new concepts, but it enables you to reuse both the knowledge you have…