Internet Explorer 8 Security features

In deze korte screencast bespreekt Paul Loonen (MVP ILM) een aantal van de security features die in IE8 zijn toegevoegd of verbeterd.


IE 7 Download available

You can now download IE7 for Windows XP and Windows 2003.  Go ahead and download it from here   Technorati tags: Internet Explorer 7, IE7


IE7 and Automatic updates

We will soon release Internet Explorer 7 and this new release will be delivered as a High Priority update through Automatic Update. If you are a an administrator of your machine and as soon as the Internet Explorer setup is downloaded you will have three options: 1. Install: The installation procedure will start after the genuine windows check and…


Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate

It’s there we released IE7 RC1. You don’t have to uninstall any previous installed beta as we will do it for you during the RC1 install. You can dowload IE7 RC1 from   Please install this version and let us know what you find about it. This version will not install on Windows Vista, …


Vista:: Internet Explorer 7 final name?

  That’s it the Internet Explorer team listened to the feedback they got from you. They changed the “Internet Explorer 7 +” into “Internet Explorer 7” which is a good thing. My feelings says don’t make it to difficult and don’t change the names to often but there is still a difference between IE7 for…


Vista:: ActiveX installer service

Spotted this on the UAC blog:The ActiveX Installer Service As many IT Pro’s know the ActiveX controls in IE can be really hard to maintain. With Windows Vista we aim that most users are running as a normal user, which makes it even harder to maintain. As we listened to feedback we received from our…


Vista:: “Fix My Settings” in IE7+

We introduced something called “Fix My Settings” in IE7+ on Windows Vista. This is something useful because we warn the users upfront that the changes they they try / have made are not secure. Let me explain it with an an example: You change the protected mode security setting for the Internet Zone, IE will immediately warn…


IE Team announces the availability of IE7 Feedback site

The IE team created a feedback site where you can enter the IE7 bugs. The site where you can put the bugs is the Connect site. You will need a passport account to sign up for the Internet Explorer Feedback program. Once signed up you can start giving your feedback and you will get a searchable public system…