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Dive into Microsoft virtualization technology this summer

During the summer we all have a little more time to immerse ourselves in something new and enjoyable. This is why we will be serving you up with such a refreshing cocktail of new things to enjoy in 4 special issues of the TechNet newsletter that you won't be able to resist and dive straight in.
How does it work? There's a short introductory video, after which you have the chance to learn more about the topic at hand, depending on the time you have available or want to spend on it: half an hour, half a day or a full day. That way you can explore the presentation content to suit your personal timetable.
Because Microsoft has a virtualization strategy that will help you to virtualize your Data Center & Desktop in the Cloud, the following topics are included in part 1:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization

Find out now what content we and the TechNet team have selected for you.
In part 2 we'll be looking at what the virtualization management tools are, as well as what "Private Cloud" computing means for Microsoft.

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