MMS 2011: You. Empowered By The Cloud

MMS 2011: You. Empowered By The Cloud by guest blogger Mike Resseler – MVP DPM

Tuesday morning, second day of MMS brings us the first keynote of the Microsoft Management Summit 2011: YOU. Empowered by the Cloud.
Key takeaway for Microsoft here is the following Brad Anderson quote: “Make the cloud more approachable”

Brad took of his session with some quotes that every IT pro has heard before or is still hearing:

“IT Slows me down”

“I can get IT better, faster, cheaper from outside”

“When will we benefit from cloud computing”

To resolve those, he gave an hour and a half overview of the cloud, and the system center 2012 offerings for the cloud.

The four key components that make up the cloud are:

  • Self Service
  • Shared
  • Scalable and Elastic
  • Usage based

Whether you are using IAAS, PAAS or SAAS, with the cloud, IT will results in IT As a Service

At this moment, Microsoft has already built a huge amount of datacenters across the world. They have datacenters in Amsterdam, Dublin, Boynton, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Chicago, Des Moines, San Antonio, and Quincy. These data centers are all built environment friendly.

These are the data centers that run the public cloud offerings of Microsoft such as Bing, Azure and many more.

The lessons they have learned are the following:

  • Extreme Standardization
  • All the same storage
  • All the same servers
  • Business Alignment
  • Service-specific environments
  • SLA-Driven Architecture
  • Cloud-style application
  • Not hardware dependent
  • Written in the architecture of the app
  • Process Maturity
  • Re-Imagined Processes
  • Automation
  • Change Control
  • Delegation and Control
  • Customer Self-Service

But what about the private cloud?

Today, the private cloud offering is about Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. At this moment, all the Microsoft workloads such as Exchange and SQL and others are optimized for the private cloud.

And when customers or partners ask Brad if Microsoft is ready to host your business critical apps into the private cloud, his answer is simply Yes

As we move further to the future, that future is System Center 2012

Before we dive deeper into that journey, Brad first explained two key players in that journey:

  • The Service Provider (Datacenter Admin)
  • The Service Consumer (Application owner)

The Service Provider is the one that is responsible for maintaining the service levels
Think about Fabric Assembly, Delegation and Control, Flexible and Elastic and Cost Efficiency.
The Service Consumer is responsible for delivering Business Value.

He or she wants Agility and Empowerment, a good Self-Service Experience, Application visibility and control and Simplicity.

Brad also answered the question that is on every IT pro’s mind: “Is my job in danger?”. The answer is Yes, but we are on the edge of IT evolution so your job content as it is may be in danger, but your job isn’t.

And then the demo fun began…

System Center Codename Concero is all about Application Visibility and Control. This new product will give you visibility in services, clouds and virtual machines. It will give your end-users the possibility to view their services, their clouds and so on. The web-based tool will empower self-service consumers and deliver them the capability of requesting new services through the portal.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will address the biggest challenge every service provider has. The wild wild west in the datacenter with many hypervisor flavors, different hardware solutions and so on. To cover all these different items, Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will provide you with a fabric, which you can see as the layer above all this, making all those systems manageable through the same tool.

Building a private cloud, with system center and hyper-v will be easy.

The new SCVMM 2012 is the key for building that private cloud infrastructure. SCVMM 2012 will support different hypervisors like XenServer, ESX and Hyper-V. It will give you bare metal provisioning of the hypervisor for VMM, XenServer and Hyper-V.

If you have any doubt that the MS Private Cloud isn’t ready for your business, look at Target (Brad Anderson)

Another announcement today: System Center Advisor Available today!

System Center Advisor is available as of today. It will bring best practice configuration and customer configurations to your datacenter.
With this new solution, you will bring additional knowledge for your private clouds. It’s all about bringing rules, knowledgebase articles and hotfixes to your private cloud, coming directly from Microsoft support.

It will also provide you with a complete history for all of the changes of a server. If a server has issues, you will know what has changed!

IT's all about the APP

Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will offer you a service template designer

With this template designer, you can capture all the information that you need to deploy a service. Call it a recipe for the deployment of your service. The building blocks of a template could be the hardware configuration, OS configuration or APP configuration. (App-V)

Because of the relationships that Virtual Machine Manager knows about the service, all the applications owners will be notified when there is an update available for one of the building blocks, and allow them to decide whenever they want to update, based on their maintenance windows.

IT's all about the APP

Operations Manager 2012 and AviCode will give you a total overview of the APP, and the performance of all components of the APP. This could be the smallest building block such as a stored procedure.

It will drill-deep and looks at what is causing performance issues. Developers and IT Pro’s will finally be able to be talking about performance issues with true knowledge and performance data.

More takeaways from the session:

The cloud is a computing model… on your terms.

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