Jan–Feb: Upcoming French and English TechNet live meetings

25/01 - Group policies: Enhancing your Windows 7 deployment using GPO accelerator
During this session we’ll see how you can use the GPO accelerator kit to enhance your Windows 7 deployment and what you can do to make your systems more secure, more flexible and managed using freely available GPO settings and some from the field tips and tricks.

Speaker: Tom Decaluwé - http://trycatch.be/blogs/decaluwet/

27/01 - TechNet Licensing - Software Assurance
Software Assurance (SA): quel est la valeur ajoutée pour un professionnel IT? - Aperçu des avantages de SA - Quels sont les avantages techniques de SA? - Comment convaincre vos supérieurs de la valeur de SA pour votre organisation? - Pratique: comment, quand et où puis-je utiliser les avantages de SA?

Orateur: Patrick Viaene

01/02 – Sytem Center Essentials 2010: A day out of the life of an IT generalist

Join us in this session where Mike, an IT Administrator for a small company, will show you how he manages his day-to-day work better, faster and more acurate with System Center Essentials. In this all-demo session, he will show you the different features of System Center Essentials and how they make his life easier…

Speaker: Mike Resseler - http://scug.be/blogs/
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