Edge Videos: From Identity Synchronization to Identity Management

Wider identity conversation with Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron is Chief Architect of Identity in the Identity and Security division, where he works on establishing a user-centric identity architecture for the Internet, and ensuring Active Directory, Federation Services, Identity Lifecycle Manager, CardSpace and Microsoft’s other identity products become its leading implementations.

Cameron blogs at www.identityblog.com, where he published the Laws of Identity.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010: from identity synchronization to identity management

The session will provide a technical overview of Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010. The product’s architecture will be covered, with emphasis on the new components that have been layered on top of the synchronization engine of its predecessor, ILM 2007. Live demos will be given in order to show how easily and effectively FIM 2010 can automate identity management processes within complex organizations, which require much more than pure data synchronization.

Speaker: Federico Guerrini

Microsoft Identity & Access Management: Business Needs and IT Challenges

Today’s economy has increased the strain to run a lower-cost, more secure IT infrastructure that also enables workers to complete their work quickly and with flexibility. This situation can create a seemingly impossible challenge between workers who want the flexibility of a dynamic work environment and an IT department that needs greater control and manageability. When it comes to managing identity and access across an organization (or within the new organization formed by mergers), even the simplest things can introduce security (and policy) failures, multiply hidden costs, and leave both end users and IT personnel frustrated. As a result, there is proliferation of IDs and passwords. Users need to have different IDs and passwords associated with different resources creating challenges of password management and of course, loss of passwords or inability to access a resource triggers a help desk call. Every help desk call that is generated is a loss to the business in terms of time and agility.

Speaker: Henk Den Baes

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