TechNet Chopsticks Replay: ProExchange User Group in the Spotlight

In this second TechNet Chopsticks Replay I wanted to put the work done by the Belgian ProExchange UG in the spotlight.

Let’s start with the UG introduction Chopstick:

Now that you know more about what this UG is all about let’s replay some of their Chopsticks:


ProExchange event: Exchange 2010 Overview

Get a high-level overview of the next version of Microsoft Exchange Server, presented by Tonino Bruno, Johan Delimon, and myself. What's new, what's gone, what's different? A lot…

Part I:

Part II:

image Exchange 2010 Preview

In this screencast Ilse van Crieking (MVP Exchange) will guide you trhough some of the new features of the next generation Exchange 2010 server. Note that this screencast is based upon the first beta and some of the features shown might be subject to change.

Certificates and Exchange 2007: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

In this session you will be provided with an overview of how certificates are used by almost every Exchange 2007 component for encryption and/or authentication. After attending the session, you will be able to understand how certificates affect your Exchange configuration, and how you should configure certificates for both Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer services.


Some additional Chopsticks resources:

How to restore one item using DPM2007
In this video, llse will show you how you can use DPM 2007 to restore one item in a mailbox, by using the Recovery Storage Group in Exchange 2007.


Fun with Regular Expressions for Office Communications Server
Office Communications Server 2007 and its tools use Regular Expressions for phone number manipulations and rules. You will see how you can build your own Regular Expressions from scratch. This first part will show you how easy it is to make regular expressions to capture and replace phone numbers.

Part I:

Part II:


Exchange2007: How about Autodiscover, DPM, Database Portability, and EMS - TechDays 2008
In this session you will be given an in-depth overview of the configuration requirements of the Autodiscover service in Exchange 2007, including its importance for the Office Communicator Phone Edition (code-named Tanjay), Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, and Windows Mobile 6.1. You will also be able to decide why Data Protection Manager should be deployed in your Exchange organization. And then, you will dive into this great feature included with Exchange 2007 Mailbox server: Database Portability. To conclude, Ilse will show you five great Exchange Management Shell cmdlets that you will keep in mind when managing your Exchange environment.


Find more sessions delivered by the ProExchange team:



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