UG Event – SCUG: Getting started with Out of band service management.

The Belgian System Center Usergroup organizes another event:

Getting started with Out of band service management:

Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 added this brand new feature called out of band service management. In my opinion a worth-while addition, yet it competes with the NAP feature for the position of least used SCCM 2007 feature, whereas it deserves a place up there with the feature hotshots like software distribution and OS deployment. The main reason it isn't up there in the popular feature list is most likely because the provisioning of systems to support out of band service management can be a little bit tricky. During this session we'll show you how to get provisioning going. We'll talk about the 3 different ways of provisioning, and show you the easiest way to get going. If you have ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 running and have machines with Intel Vpro capabilities then you can't miss this session. Unless the following features are not appealing to you at all:

  • Powering on/off one or many computers.

  • Restarting a nonfunctioning computer or booting from a locally connected device or known good boot image file.

  • Re-imaging a computer by booting from a boot image file that is located on the network or by using a PXE server.

  • Reconfiguring the BIOS settings on a selected computer.

  • Booting to a command-based operating system to run commands, repair utilities, or diagnostic applications.

  • Configuring scheduled software update deployments and advertisements to wake up computers prior to running.

Date: 02/04/09

Time: 18u30

Location: Microsoft Belgium

Speaker: Kim Oppalfens


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