Back from TechReady 7 in Seattle

I just spent the last 11 days in Seattle where I attended some internal meetings and most of all TechReady 7. TechReady is an internal technical training event for Microsoft employees, you can compare it with TechEd but then for Microsoft employees only.

During Techready we can choose between more than 840 sessions delivered by more than 1200 speakers. The reason why this is organized in Seattle is because it’s easy for the different product teams to send people from Redmond to Seattle.

During this week I focused onto two things, one is around the speakers and content I’ve selected to run at TechEd IT Professional and secondly is everything around Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Win7 client features. Unfortunately I cannot share anything for now but as soon as I can I will start blogging about this to keep you up to date. One thing is sure there will be some sessions at TechEd around Windows Server 2008 R2. Have a look here and rate the sessions you like

If you go to Seattle there are some things you definitely need to do at least once, one of those things is having steak at “The Metropolitan Grill“, so I got invited by one my colleagues from Western Europe.

To make a long story short we got picked up at the hotel by another colleague and he was driving a nice Hummer (see picture), I told the driver nice car 🙂


So we went to the steakhouse and used the Valet Parking, had a nice dinner and excellent wine. Came back to the Valet and he told us that our car was involved in an accident, we couldn’t believe it but it was true. We walked to the car and we couldn’t drive it anymore multiple things where broken, apparently an old couple just hit two cars who where parked in the street and one them was ours.

So after all the paperwork, Avis call’s we finally received a replacement car. We had to wait for two hours before this car arrived but guess what they delivered another Red Hummer.

The good thing though was we didn’t have to pay for the valet parking and the restaurant offered us a free bottle of wine.

The rest of week was ok and nothing special happened anymore.

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