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Recently during one of my Windows Failover clustering presentation I received the question how to emulate iSCSI shared disks to build a failover cluster without having to buy an expensive storage environment. In my case I'm using our own iSCSI target software but there are some other vendors that let you use their target software for free:

Now you have all the tools needed to start testing out Windows Server 2008 failover clustering.


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  1. ryan says:

    In my tests, MySAN doesn’t support Windows clustering – it won’t pass the validation tests, because it doesn’t support some features such as SCSI-3 persistent reservations.  Have I missed something?  I have not yet had a chance to test StarWind.

    It would be nice if Microsoft provided an iSCSI target (like WinTarget from StringBean, which was acquired last year,) without requiring customers to purchase Windows Storage Server.


  2. eMule-ator says:

    Indeed StarWind iSCSI Target from Rocket Division Software does fully support

    both 2003 style clustering and new 2008 style clustering (with the persistant

    reservations). Just in case here’s an URL:

    <a href="">StarWind iSCSI Target</a>

    At the same time referenced MySan does not work at all.,,,,,,



  3. Aldrich says:

    <a href="">StarWind iSCSI Target</a>

    There also have a free version.

  4. says:

    There also have a free version of iSCSI Target.

  5. Starwind Software says:

    Starwind iSCSI target enables High-Availability with ESX and Hyper-V and is now availible for free at

  6. Ichiro Arai says:

    StarWind iSCSI target is completely free, SCSI-3 PR compatible, vendor agnostic and highly available:


  7. You can use Free MS iSCSI Software Target 3.3 says:

    You can use it in standalone environment. If you want to build a clustered iSCSI Target environment here are my notes;…/microsoft-iscsi-target-cluster-building-walkthrough

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