Guitar Hero III experts at Dreamhack

A few weeks ago I spent three days in Sweden to help out a fellow IT Pro Evangelist at Dreamhack. It was the first time I attended this event and I did know what to expect but once there I couldn't believe my eyes so many people playing games doing fun stuff, etc..

What's a lot?

  • Just about 11 000 attendants
  • 40 Gb/s connection to the Internet + another 10 Gb/s backup
  • Aggregated traffic over the core switches amounts to about 53 terabit/s
  • Here are some pictures of the event: A selection of photos from Dreamhack Winter 2007

    During the second day of the event we've organized a competition around Guitar Hero III, a lot of people showed up to demonstrate their skills on the Xbox360. We started the competition around 12:00 and finished the first round around 16:00 during that timeframe almost 80 people came and played Guitar Hero. The idea was to play the final's onto the main stage, which we've done later in the evening.

    The final has been recorded and you can watch it here:

    Those guys are awesome, before dreamhack I've never played Guitar Hero, now I am almost addicted to it, but still not good enough to beat those guys.

    The last day of the event my colleagues Tony and Daniel continued with the competition which was  anther great success.

    Watch the results here:

    Anyway I hope to be there again next year.

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