TechEd IT Forum 2007 Review

WoW it has been an amazing week at TechEd IT Forum 2007 for the first time I was not an attendee neither working at "Ask The Experts" booth but working as a Track Owner for the Windows Server Track. I was not aware how much work a track owner still have to do once the event is going on. The first three days of the event I reviewed one slide deck after another, talked to speakers about what to deliver and reviewing some of the demo's they planned to deliver.

The feedback you give us as an attendee is very valuable. Every day we went through the feedback to see where we have to work on to try to increase the session satisfaction. It has been a hell of week running from one session to another to see some of the speakers in action, feel the vibes of the session itself and from time to time it even can go wrong for the most experienced speakers amongst us. For Example John Craddock had issues with his keyboard the "0" key was stuck and when he tried to type in a 0 he got multiple of them, quite difficult if your password contains a "0". John experienced as he is managed to work around that. The weird thing is he couldn't reproduce this anymore after his session fortunately everything went fine during his redelivery.

So after the first days of slide deck reviewing we had a bit more time to do other things for me it has been networking with corp Product teams as I am planning the Belgian TechDays 2008 (12 and 13 March) I always can use good speakers.

On Wednesday evening we had the Belgian & Luxembourg Country drink which was very enjoyable and gives me the possibility to connect with some of the almost 200 Belgians and Luxembourg attendees.

On Thursday I had the blogger panel discussion at lunch time, it was fun to do although the number of attendees was very low. In the afternoon we ran the Green Data Center panel which was the most appreciated panel during the whole event, which pleases me because Kevin Sangwell and I put a lot of time and energy to put together this panel.

Just before the blogger panel there was the final of Speaker Idol and guess what yes a Belgian Exchange MVP Ilse Van Criekinge won this contest which made me happy because I know how passionate Ilse is and all the hard work she does to keep her UserGroup ProExchange running and most of all I knew it all the time that she is a good speaker and had a chance to win this contest.


Again Congratulations Ilse! I am really looking forward to come and listen to your breakout.

Ilse her session will be posted really soon onto the ProExchange website.

Update: Here is Ilse her session.


On Friday we had the last sessions of the event and for me the last was the first one I attended, mmm I will have to catch up when all videos are posted onto the TechEd IT Forum website or when the DVD arrives.

Being a track owner took a lot of my time on top of all the things I still have to do for the local IT Pro's, it was worth it I learned a lot, networked a lot and had a lot of fun and most important of all the feedback received on the Windows Server Track was awesome. Thanks and hopefully I will be a track owner again next year!

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  1. Gopydyecy says:

    Всем привет

    То, что дураку ясно, для умного ещё вопрос.

    От нечего делать пьют только недалёкие люди. Умный всегда найдёт причину.

    Далеко идущие планы имеют свойство уходить безвозвратно

    Никогда с деньгами не бывает так хорошо, как плохо бывает без них

    Не всё то Windows, что висит

    Всем досвидания

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