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TechNet MagazineNovember 2007

Windows Administration

Offline files allow users to be productive when disconnected. In Windows Vista, new Offline Files features make working off the network better than ever.

Desktop Deployment

BDD 2007 contains best practices, configuration files, scripts, and templates. All together they make desktop deployment faster, easier, and more scalable.


Once you've deployed Exchange Server 2007 Edge Transport servers to control spam and other unwanted e-mail, you'll want to implement logging and tracing and configure Edge Transport agents to perform the tasks you need.


ISA Server 2006 can serve as a remote access server. This article looks at ISA's VPN capabilities as a solution for providing VPN remote access and as a method for providing site-to-site VPN connections.

SQL Server

Hardware tuning isn't all there is to efficient operation of SQL Server. Often the way queries run can spell the difference between a fast application and real bottlenecks. Here's how to identify offending queries.

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