System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 is RTM

I'm very pleased we announced that System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 is RTM. This is a key product in the Virtualization world, now you will be able to manage your Virtual Server environment with a top class Management product. Think about it if today you have to manage multiple Physical hosts that on their side each hosts multiple guests. How would you do it to move a guest from one physical box to another. Which tasks are you executing to give your developers, testers, etc ... their Virtual Dev/Test environment. Did you create scripts? Do you have automatic placement of VM onto the most appropriate box. How do you manage your offline VM's.


To all those questions their is one answer now "System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007". This will do all of the above and much more.

What exactly did we announce today?

1. That SCVMM 2007 has been released

2. We are announcing the pricing for the different versions

3. We will deliver a SCVMM 2007 Workgroup edition to manage up to 5 physical boxes and unlimited number of Virtual Machines.

4. SCVMM is going forward.

Let's discuss the last announcement a bit further. This is a HUGE announcement not only we are making the commitment to be ready to manage Windows Server Virtualization (codename Viridian) but the team also announced that with the next set of releases of SCVMM we will add support for NON Windows Server Virtualization environments with a focus onto VMWare and Xen. So our customers will be able to manage from a single console different Virtual Environments.


Check out Chris his blogpost onto the Windows Virtualization team blog for detailed information about the announcement(s).


For more information about System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 visit this site

Do you want to see SCVMM in action? Watch this screencast created by my colleague Keith Combs.

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