Upcoming TechNet Event – Sept 28: Best of MMS


The “Best of MMS” Roadshow brings technical highlights from Microsoft’s Management Summit 2007. The top rated presentations from this key industry event, including sessions covering the upcoming releases of Configuration Manager 2007, Virtual Machine Manager 2007 and Data Protection Manager 2007, as well as the recent release of Operations Manager 2007 will be delivered directly by members of the Microsoft System Center product groups. This event provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest developments in Microsoft’s management strategy and to chat with System Center product team members about your specific IT Management issues.


Session 1: Driving to Dynamic IT with Microsoft System Center

This session highlights how Dynamic IT enables solutions to key problems in IT management today, and how the System Center product suite enables companies to move to a Dynamic IT model. The part each products plays in this process is identified and the current status and future plans for the System Center product suite is described.

Session 2: System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Technical Drilldown

This session starts by reviewing recent additions to the System Management Server 2003 product, including Asset Intelligence. The next major release of Systems Management Server, named System Center Configuration Manager 2007, is launching this year and the session continues by reviewing enhancements in this release to core features such as inventory, software distribution, update management and reporting.  The session then covers new features such as OS Deployment and Desired Configuration Management before drilling into upgrade and deployment planning guidelines.

Session 3: System Center Operations Manager 2007 Technical Drilldown

This session starts with a technical overview of System Center Operations Manager 2007, including descriptions of the features added in this release such as End to End service monitoring, Audit Collection Services and Agentless Exception Monitoring.   This is followed by a drilldown into the technical architecture of the product, including the extensibility options to enable network and heterogeneous management solutions.

Session 4: Server and Application Virtualization Roundup

Virtualization is an increasingly important component of IT Operations today.  This session describes how Microsoft's different Virtualization solutions integrate and provides insights into Microsoft’s overall virtualization strategy.  The topic provides details of products such as Microsoft SoftGrid, System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Virtual Server 2005 R2.  The session closes by discussing the future virtualization support in Windows Server 2007 and the planned integration between SoftGrid and Configuration Manager 2007.

Session 5: System Center: Data Protection, Capacity Planning, and Service Management

This session starts by demonstrating how the new Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 product protects file systems as well as Exchange, SQL and SharePoint servers.  Next the session describes how Capacity Planner 2007 assists with planning new Exchange Server 2007 and Operations Manager 2007 deployments through performance modeling.  Finally the session describes how the recently announced Service Manager product will integrate multiple IT management solutions to enable true IT Service Management.



Utopolis Mechelen

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Friday September 28 - 2007

The sessions starts at 9:00 and finishes at 17:00



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