This morning I received news that shocked me, made me sad, made me think about life. David Boschmans our dearest colleague and friend who was a Developer Evangelist  @ Microsoft Belgium passed away last night. I had the opportunity and honor to work with him for almost 19 months now and I always appreciated his honesty and passion about technology and Microsoft in particular. He was a really a smart and honest person and a dream to work with, learn from. You could always ping him to ask for help or advise, he was always available and reachable. In other words he was a great colleague.

My thoughts go out to Veerle his wife, Fien his daughter and his family.



We will miss you David. Rest in peace... my friend.

Update: You can write a message to David and his family at http://david.vsdotnet.be. If you have photo's with David, it would be nice if you could add them to the David Boschmans group at Flickr. This group will be a center location with several different memories.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why the things happen the way they do?? It makes you wonder…

  2. Mike Martin (Sogeti) says:

    I had the pleasure of working with David: he will be missed. He was passionate in his job, and could talk hours about the technology he demonstrated. David we’ll miss you all.

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