Windows Server 2008 blogposts from the Belgian IT Pro community

Here is a list of what some of our Belgian IT Pro Bloggers are saying/blogging about Windows Server 2008.

Kurt Roggen member of the VIP Technical Community: (

Getting started with Group Policies
Windows Server 2008 & Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
Windows Server 2008 Roadmap
Getting started with Windows Server 2008
Active Directory Domain Services: Fine-grained Password Policies
Server Manager - Adding Roles & Features
Deploying Windows Server 2008: Initial Configuration Tasks
Deploying Windows Server Core
Server Manager console - Overview

Steve Rosa: (            

Windows Server 2008 Component Posters - Download Available
Windows Server 2008 - Read-Only Domain Controller - Administration and misc.
Windows Server 2008 - Read-Only Domain Controller - Installation
Windows Server 2008 Core - Active Directory Domain Services
Windows Server 2008 Core - Installation and Initial Configuration
Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” - Restartable AD DS in action
Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” - DHCPv4 Installation
Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” - Active Directory Installation (incl. DNS)
Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” - Initial Configuration
Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” - Basic Installation
Windows Server ‘Longhorn’: Granular Password Settings
TechNet Evening Session 20070307 - Windows Server Codename “Longhorn”

Bart Bultinck member of the VIP Technical Community: (

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server farms - Export or import RemoteApp programs and settings

Geert Baeke: (

Windows Server 2008: Installation on VMware ESX 3.0
Longhorn granular password policies
Windows Server 2008: Session Broker Load Balancing

My own blog; (

Windows Server 2008 Boot Manager
Windows Server 2008 Server Core and VS 2005 Part II
Virtual Server 2005 on top of Windows Server 2008 Server Core
IIS 7 Appcmd UI Tool
Windows Server 2008:: Server core and IIS 7 the perfect match
Windows Server 2008:: Password Policies Changes

Part 1: Server Management Improvements
Part 2: Windows PowerShell
Part 3: Internet Information Services 7.0
Part 4: Server Hardening
Part 5: Server Core
Part 6: Network Access Protection
Part 7: Windows Failover Cluster
Part 8: Branch Office Deployments
Part 9: Windows Server Virtualization
Part 10:  Terminal Services

IT Pro Microsoft Server “Longhorn” Resources
PowerShell and IIS 7 Better Together
Network Access Protection

Did you blog about Windows Server 2008 and are you part of the Belgian Community? Send me a mail and I will add you to this list. (

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